Thursday, August 31, 2006

Teenager Pants

I am so thankful I blogged so many stories over the last year that I can now add to my scrapbook pages! (Yeah, ok, I know, you are wondering where the stories are... well they are at a more private blog for my family and friends, lol)


Name: Elizabeth
Age: 5 years old
Grade: Kindergarten
Pants size: 7 slim

The story: Because you were wearing a size 7 at age 5, you were convinced that everybody was going to think you were a teenager. And so you told everybody that you met that you weren't a teenager, you were just wearing teenager pants.
The tag reads: My Elizabeth, she is tall and beautiful! September 2005.

Cream paper from Tracey Gilbert Monette’s (PDW) elementary school kit, striped paper from Summer Simmons’ citrus grove kit, sequins by tandika, tags by Jen Wilson, stamped alpha by Michelle Coleman, fonts are 1942 report and pea Stacy script.

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