Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Not just a job

This layout is for my mom and dad documenting their appointments that they have held as officers in the Salvation Army.

When they retire later this year my mom will have served 45 ½ years and my dad 41 ½ years with a total of 87 years combined. During their time as officers they have served (before marriage and during) in 20 different appointments, lived in three countries and 7 states.

They have had the opportunity to travel the world, and in doing so developed a real love for Africa. My dad really wanted to serve as missionaries in Africa, but my mom wasn’t willing to live there with children. After the children were grown they did have the opportunity to serve though in Mexico and Costa Rica, which they loved.

When they retire this fall, they retire from the New York area where my dad serves as the Salvation Army’s representative to the United Nations, which us children think is the coolest of his appointments.

On the map I have listed each of their appointments, and the cards with photos document where and when each of us five children were born.

Maya: map, postcard.
IOD: Inked edges.
Gina Miller: brads.
Jen Wilson: journaling bits.
Meredith Fenwick: brush.
Michelle Underwood: journaling bits.
Katie Pertiet: notebook paper.
Miss Mint: index card.
Fonts: TNR, Pea Jean, Palace Script.

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