Sunday, October 30, 2011

What a weekend!

It has been crazy here the last few days.

First my girls had an interesting experience on their way home from volleyball the other night.  It was a bit stormy and as they were driving along the road a tree almost fell on them. It literally landed directly behind our car, in between the girls and their Dad and the car that was behind them.

Needless it say, it scared them a bit. My 6 year old arrived home and immediately felt the need to explain it visually for me...

I love that she expresses herself artistically at only 6 years old, lol.  The journaling is pretty good too. Can you read it? ;)

And on Friday night we had our school carnival. I made the girls costumes this year and I will show you my little ones because it turned out darn cute.  Now my older daughter's costume, I'm not so proud of, lol. It needs more work before trick or treating tomorrow. ;)  I'll show you after Halloween, lol.

And my beautiful older daughter turned 12 on Saturday.  And of course we celebrated with a party and then she was allowed to have just a couple people spend the night afterwards.  I can't believe she's almost a teenager. Yikes!  (And can you believe I forgot to take my camera to the roller rink?)

A special note for my customers:

And during all this  I have decided that I will no longer sell my designs at 9th & Bloom.  I don't want to talk negatively about 9th & Bloom, because I have truly enjoyed my year with all the amazing designers that also sold at 9th & Bloom.  And Lizzy Reiber is truly a wonderful woman and great store administrator/ manager, and I have nothing but respect for Lizzy.  But due to some recent discoveries I have decided that 9th is no longer suitable for me to call home.  I will keep you updated though on where you will be able to purchase my designs in the future.

But don't worry,  your favorite kits (such as these) will be back soon:

Thank you for your loyal support! :)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Calling all sk8ers!

Introducing my new kit, Ollie!

Ollie is a fun kit to scrap all your skateboarding photos!  If you're anything like me, you have dozens up on dozens of photos of your children skating, so a skate kit is a must have!

Ollie by Alissa Jones

Urban Teen Alpha by Alissa Jones

And some inspiration:

Thursday, October 06, 2011

The Monster Mash Mix & Bloom and Blog Hop! (digital scrapbooking freebie)

Introducing 9th & Blooms first ever Mix & Bloom event!
One color palette, lots of mini kits all under $3.99 and 20% off for Friday and Saturday only!

Let me share my contributions to the Mix & Bloom event with you...

Lovely Layers Halloween Style by Alissa Jones

Trick or Treat Ellies by Alissa Jones

Trick or Treat Papers by Alissa Jones

Hocus Pocus Ellies by Alissa Jones

And let me share a few layouts with you using my products mixed with the products of Tracey Monette, Saxon Holt and Find Your Bliss Designs.

Don't forget to check out some of my more recent products:

Autumn Girl by Alissa Jones

Lovely Layers 1 by Alissa Jones

Lovely Layers 2 by Alissa Jones

Lovely Layers 3 by Alissa Jones

And last but not least, the Blog Hop!

Here is a preview of my gift to you:

To download this product, please visit this page.

The next blog on your stop is the blog of Saxon Holt.  Check out what she has for you by clicking here.

If you have missed any other blogs on the blog hop, the first stop was at 9th & Bloom and you can get there by clicking here.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and I hope to see you again soon!


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