Thursday, April 26, 2007

I got to go to the digi retreat!

Oh boy, it's been a busy month! I can't believe it's Thursday and I'm only now getting around to talking about my weekend.

I was one of those lucky people that went to the Northwest Digi Retreat. Almost 40 of us were there with our computers in tow to spend the weekend scrapping with a bunch of strangers. It was SUCH A GOOD TIME! I had so much fun and I met some great girls.

I went with one person that I already knew, Tracey Monette, who sells her designs at Scrapbook-Elements. We walked in the door and when we introduced ourselves the owner of the house just happened to be standing there. She was amazed that all of us were spending the weekend together and we had never met before. I think she was pretty much shocked that none of us were paper scrappers either, lol.

Well, here is a group shot, it doesn't include everybody that was there, but it's most of us.

Also sitting at my table was: Tracey Monette (mybetride), Shawna Clingerman (user name the same), Dani Mogstad (dmogs), Amy (Fannie) and Julie (aka Juliebee70). Fun, friendly and extremely talented, all of them.

I got to meet some girls from some of my creative teams:

Dani Mogstad and I are on Nancy Comelab's CT together. And Britt (Brittanylyn) and I are on Nancy's as well as Corina Nielsen's CT together. So it was fun to meet them.

So, speaking of Nancy Comelab, she's having yet another contest on her blog. And if you aren't aware of it yet, she gives away the coolest prizes. Check it out here, it has to do with the products in her last grab bag and you only have until Sunday to participate. Check out the layout I did with her cool graphic papers, loved them, so bright and fun.

Taste of summer credits here.

Speaking of 'grab bag's, Sausan Designs did a really cool one too, only hers was called 'collectibles'. And they are really worth collecting, lol. I highly recommend the purchase of hers and Nancy Comelab's, neither one will disappoint you.

I used some of Sylvie's cool grabbag stuff here in Backyard Adventurer (credits here) as well as in My New York Vacation (credits and journaling here). Love, love, love Sausan Designs' prodcuts!

Sausan Designs are available at Scrapbook Graphics. (And she's releasing a bunch of REALLY cool stuff today too!)

Well, I suppose that's enough for today, lol. Have a great day!

Friday, April 13, 2007

A few pages this week

Just a few pages to share:

life size.
This was for the hodge podge challenge: Use three colors of paint, buttons and a really large title. This uses mostly Sausan Designs products. One of the things I love about Sylvie's products is that I feel I can comfortable create out of the box.
Click here to read journaling and credits.

Easter Grass
I couldn't help doing a page about Elizabeth's struggle with the Easter grass. Here it is almost a week past Easter and I am still finding the stuff everywhere! LOL This uses Corina Nielsen's cool Easter kit, and it's a lift of a page by Moni.
Click here for credits and journaling.

Star of the game!
A page using a template by Gina Miller! And who doesn't love girls who play with worms?
Click here for journaling and credits.

Easter 2007
This pages uses mostly Tracey Monette products, she has a very cute Spring kit that is suitable for anything with an Easter add-on which has these adorable doodles.
Click here for journaling and credits.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ok I couldn't help naming this post fire for two reasons. First, I have a layout called 'fire power' of my littlest miss walking around with some. And second because I have a layout of my youngest brother, the redhead in the family. When he was a teenager all the girls kept giving him the silliest names, LOL. Names like 'red hot' and 'fire god' and you can only imagine how much we liked to tease him about these nicknames, LOL. And I'm certain you can imagine how much he hated us teasing him about it too!

Well first is this layout that I have been dying to post all week. I just LOVE it. And it cracks me up too! It uses the awesome new Kaleidoscope kit by Sausan Designs at Scrapbook Graphics. Let me just say one more time that I really love how this one turned out, lol. Credits here.

This page cracks me up too, because it's about how my little brother dressed my littlest miss during his last visit. LOL, it was the cutest thing. He is married but doesn't have any kids yet and Rachel just took to him immediately and only wanted him, lol. Funny how kids do that.

So this is Uncle Kevin (credits and journaling here) and it uses Gina Miller's new kit called 'For Joann' as well as her new negative clusters, love them, and one of my favorite curled frames by Nancy Comelab.

Well the weather has been great the last two days so we have been outdoors until late each night... putting the kids to bed and then sitting on the patio enjoying a fire. But now it's raining and will probably do so tomorrow too.

Do you know what happens to Easter eggs when they are damp? All the colors runs off, lol. So that should make for some colorful photos tomorrow, lol.

Happy Easter everybody!

Spring time in my backyard and more

My littlest miss will be 23 months next week and she has recently discovered that she can reach up on the counter tops. The funny side of this is that she emptied the salt shaker onto my family room carpet. (LOL) The not so funny side of this is that she pulled my newly repaired camera down and broke the casing. (big sigh)

But how can you not love a face like this?

Or like this photo of her from last year that I just finally scrapped. It uses the new Tropical Visit kit by Tracey Monette at Scrapbook-Elements. View the credits for Beauty Mark here.

Well it is now Spring and the weather is beautiful. This means we will now begin to spend our afternoons in the backyard. And Elizabeth is especially looking forward to this because this means she gets to have a fire in the pit on the weekends. Guess I better buy some chocolate for s'mores, because the season is just beginning.

Here is a layout from last Spring using the new Funky Playground Designs collaborative kit. Click here for Spring S'mores credits.

But part of being in the back yard is also hearing this sweet little voice yell at the top of her lungs, "Momma, push swing!" You gotta love little talkers, lol.

So Angela Powers challenged us on her blog to show her an hour of our day. So here is how an hour of my day, playing in the backyard.

Well, I had just intended to put the photos in the frame so they looked nice, but I ended up just scrapping it, lol. Since it's not in the gallery the credits are: Nancy Comelab (frames, background), Amy Martin (ribbon, sequins), Corina Nielsen (safety pin, grunge overlay), Nancy Rowe Janitz (stamped number), Katie Pertiet (stamped alpha).

Thanks guys, have a great day!

ETA: Nancy Comelab has multiple contests going on over at her blog right now. You should check it out here, because she is one of the most generous and kind people around!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Yes, I've been slacking in my blogging, which means I am about to overwhelm you with lots of layouts, lol.

I actually was very productive over the weekend and have several layouts ready to post in the gallery for the week, but I'll wait and show you guys those next time. :)

Anyway, the big news here is that I am a guest for Gina Miller's creative team this month! I have already posted two layouts using her great products; the first is using the collaborative Easter kit she made with Tiff Brady and the second uses the collaborative kit, color me funky, she created with Kate Hadfield. Both very cool kits!

And here are the layouts!

Egghunt credits here.
Fashion Designer credits here.

This next page I really love. Which is good, because it's me and the husband, lol. But these new elements by Sylvie of Sausan Designs are so cool, and they are so me. She created one paper pack and three coordinating element packs and they are all awesome. I have another really cool layout that I love that I created with them already... but it's not in the gallery yet so I won't share it here either :)

This is just a sample, but you can find them in her store at Scrapbook Graphics. And the kit is called Kaleidoscope, by the way!

Love credits here.

And I also decided to scrap some fourth of July pictures. Why? I don't know, lol, I just felt like it. :)

Ears Plugged credits and journaling here.
Accessorize credits and journaling here.

And this page was just fun! I used Tracey Monette's new Scategorically Speaking paper pack, which has all kinds of fun stuff scattered in the backgrounds, which can be found at Scrapbook-Elements.
Squirt credis here. My daughter just cracks me up, she is what we like to call 'spirited' and she can definitely hold her own with the boys.

This next layout was a scraplift of Emily Power's 'girl dad'. I'm sure everybody in the digi community knows how talented Emily is, and if you don't you should check out her gallery. I have only ever done three scraplifts, one was a challenge and two were by choice. The two I have done by choice were both of Emily's pages. She is extremely talented.
Here is her layout 'Girl Dad'.

Ooooh! Blogger is messing with me. Try as I may, I can't make the paragraphs go where I want them. Blogger just keeps moving them wherever for whatever reason. Ugh.

Well, anyway, have a great day! And don't forget to check out Nancy's blog too. She is have a great contest, giving away an ipod. Check it out here: Nancy Comelab.