Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TV season is back!

When I began digi scrapping I severely cut the hours of television that I used to watch. And then one by one, a few of the shows that I left on my list ended their run on television.

So this season I decided to DVR all the new shows that sound interesting. My plan is to watch them and then choose, maybe two, which ones I will watch each week.

Gossip Girl

The first show I watched was called Gossip Girl (Wednesday 9pm on CW). It's about a bunch of rich kinds in New York, by the creator of the O.C.... so just from that information you can probably guess it's content.

I think it could definitely be entertaining - but considering it's a show about teenagers I was surprised that is was so adult in much of the content. Yes, I'm living with my head in the sand, lol, but I wouldn't want my young teenager to watch this show. But it'll probably be an entertaining soap opera for some. It is up against the new Grey's spin off Private Practice and against the new and updated Bionic Woman. I haven't seen either yet, but I have a feeling that I will be more likely to watch one of those shows. So, I guess this one is a pass.


The next show I watched is called Chuck (Monday 8pm, NBC). The premise here is that a nerd computer repair man receives an e-mail from his old college roommate who, unbeknownst to him, is a CIA agent. When Chuck opens the e-mail he basically becomes the keeper of government secrets regarding counter terrorism, espionage and national security which are now all in his brain on a subconscious level.

I loved this sh0w. If you liked Alias, it has the same kind of action and secret spy stuff. The episode was full of wit, charm and I was completely surprised by how many times I laughed out loud. I am so looking forward to the next episode... I am pretty sure that I found a new replacement show in Chuck.

If you didn't see it, they are showing an encore presentation on Saturday night.

And yes, I am excited that Grey's Anatomy is back this week as well as CSI (Vegas). But, I am also looking forward to watching Dexter on Sunday night. It is the premier of season two, and the first season was fantastic.


If you are unfamiliar with Dexter... it is another serial crime show, but this one has a major twist. Dexter is a blood splatter specialist in Miami, working for the police department. The twist is that he is also a serial killer... but he only kills the bad guys. Love this show!


On to scrapping?

Let's start wtih pages I created using Little Dreamer's new collaborative kit called Back to Reality. It's a cool kit my friends!

Scarcasm credits/journaling here.

Monsters Inc. credits/journaling here.

And a few pages for Rachel, who by the way has finally decided she's really ready to potty train! Woopee!

Autumn Splendor credits here.
My girl Credits here.

And a few pages for Elizabeth.

Fun Times credits/journaling here.

Wild Day credits/journaling here.

Okay, I hope you all have a wonderful day and are enjoying season premiere week a much as me! :)

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

More pages and school update

My husband took our oldest daughter camping this summer... the kind of camping that I wasn't interested in participating in, LOL. And even though she said her favorite part was coming home, LOL, she had a fantastic time. I've done two layouts about her trip so far...

My choices are what? Credits/ journaling here.

Swim in that? Credits/journaling here.

Now the swimming page uses the new Stand Up and Scrap kit. I'm pretty sure you have heard about it already, but if you haven't, you should consider doing the competition (see here for details). The grand prizes are awesome. But if you just want the kit, you can get it at Little Dreamer. It's a huge kit and I am really liking it. I'll definitley use it again.

Below uses the new collab. with Christina Renee, Nancy Comelab, Tiff Brady and Emily Merrit. This is the coolest zoo kit, I have to say. They are also selling a quick page album, and it is so cool that I am practically having to sit on my hand to not go pick it up since I already have the kit, LOL.

Well anyway, I love these photos :) Journaling/Credits for Inji here.

So anyway, I mentioned that the first day of first grade was really hard, the whole transition was difficult last year. So I was a bit worried about the new school year this year. Let me just tell you that I am sighing such a big sigh of relief right now.

Yesterday was the first day of second grade and the first thing my dd said when she arrived home was, 'I love the second grade!'. The second thing she said was, 'I want to go back!'. I'm so happy that she had a good day.

I can't wait for her to get home today and tell me about her day. And then she has grandparents arriving, so she'll be excited to tell them all about it too. Yay!

Have a great day everybody!

More Disney pages

Here are some more Disney pages:

Jungle Cruise credits here.
Jungle Navigator credits here.
Redwood Creek Swing credits here.

Ice Ring credits here.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Long Time No See...

It's been so long since I blogged. I was terribly sick with strep throat, then my kids both caught it, then my youngest had an allergic reaction to the medicine. Then we were all better, but I just wasn't feeling the least bit like sitting at my computer for blogging, or too much scrapping either for that matter. How weird is that? LOL.

But I am starting to feel normal again. I even scrapped three pages yesterday, so now I'll have pages for the gallery this week.

Can you believe summer is over? I had such grand plans for this summer regarding artwork. I was going to get really messy and do some c0llages... it didn't happen. I think what kept me from actually doing it, is every time I thought about it I just didn't want to get all the stuff out and then have to put it away again, LOL. See, I am perfect for digital scrapbooking! But at the same time I am a little disappointed that I didn't do it.

I think I will eventually get around to it though because I am so inspired every time I pick up Sommerset Studios. I love that magazine more than any scrapbooking magazine around. Everything in it inspires me.

I am easily side tracked here, lol, I was talking about end of summer... oh yes, school starts on Wednesday! My oldest begins second grade, I can't believe it. I remember second grade clearly. My teacher was Mrs. Pepper at Manzanita Elementary in Phoenix. And she made me write sentences every time I got in trouble. And my crush was Steven P., he was so cute, LOL.

So, of course the fact that I can remember so many details about second grade, and all my years after, makes me hope that this year will be a really special year for my daughter. The first year that she really begins to remember everything.

Okay, let me get to scrapbooking. I have lots old pages to share with you... well, old from the last few weeks that I haven't been blogging, LOL. So bear with me here...

Here are a couple of fun pages using Nancy Comelab clusters. And oh my gosh, you guys are gonna love what she has coming up for you this week. A new collaborative kit with a bunch of talented ladies, and this is one cool kit. I am so excited about using this one :) As I write this I am downloading it, but I have already seen pages created by some of the other CT girls, and they are awesome. I feel so funny saying awesome, lol, like I totally belong in the 80's. :) Well, anyway, keep your eyes open for it... probably by the time I get this posted it will be old news, lol.

T-Rex credits and journaling.
Fingerpaint credits.

I love this kit by Tracy Monette. The link to the kit is with my credits here.

Here are a few pages using Sausan Designs collaboration kits. The first two is from the collab with Trish Jones, which really turned out cool, I think. Then the third is from her collab with Scrapbook-Graphics.

Let me also tell you that you should keep your ears and eyes open for some big news coming from Sylvie (Sausan Designs). And that's all I'm going to say. :) (And no, the big news isn't her birthday sale... but that's news too, lol)

Big girl credits/journaling.
Pedicure credits/journaling.
Splash Pad credits.

And next up we have...

Chirpy Days a collab with Jackie Eckles (Little Dreamer) and Jomi (ScrapArtist). This is my dd on Easter, she's so cute :) Credits here.

Then Splendid Nature is a gorgeous kit that you have probably all seen by Lori Barnhurst at Little Dreamer. Credits here.

Okay, you all have a wonderful day!