Wednesday, April 18, 2012

10 Reasons To Love T-Ball

My oldest daughter has been playing softball for several years, but she never played t-ball. When she was in that age category, she played soccer and did gymnastics.  But now my youngest is playing t-ball and I have to tell you that it is so much more fun and full of laughter than any other sporting event I have ever attended.

So here are my top ten reasons for loving t-ball.

1. After hitting the ball, the batter has a choice of which direction to run; run to first base, run to third base, or just chase the ball.

2. Wearing helmets when batting really is necessary because when the batter swings, she almost always hits herself in the head.

3. The catcher is sometimes too short for the protective gear and can't bend his legs which means he is required to widely spread his legs to bend over and pick up the ball.

4. Most people don't think of baseball as a contact sport, but in t-ball everybody in the inner and outer field get to rush the ball after it's been hit and pile up on top of each other trying to be the person that gets to throw the ball to first base...assuming the first baseman can get out of the pile up and get back to first base to catch the ball in time.

5. A child can actually get quite a bit of exercise when playing a position in the field: twirling, jumping, throwing his hat or glove in the air, etc.

6. If a child gets tired when playing outfield he can just sit down and play in the dirt or pick dandelions in the grass.

7. If a player get tired when running bases, she can just take a break and sit on the base while the next batter tries to hit the ball.

8. When running to first, the batter should always run through... and if he keeps running all the way to the outfield fence, then that's even better.

9. If the catcher has the ball when a player is running for home base, it's okay to just stop and just stare each other down.

10. Tagging a person out is hard to do, because it is just plain mean.

Watching a t-ball game is very entertaining!

Here are a couple of recent pages that I have done. I used the Softball Princess kit by Tracey Monette aka Clever Monkey Graphics but I also dug into some of my older scrap supplies for a couple of pages. On those pages you'll see Two Sisters, Natalie Braxton, Catrine, Stolen Moments, and a few pieces from a store collab (yes, I've forgotten which store and can't find it now, lol).  I might have added a few things that I made too. But mostly I used Softball Princess by Tracey Monette, which is a really cute kit.