Thursday, October 09, 2008

New Blog

I have decided to begin a completely new blog. Check it out here.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


This blog is now closed. Thank you.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer Break

Well, life is flying by right now at the speed of light. Which is why I am taking a break from everything until we're back in school this autumn.

Hoping you all have a wonderful summer and I'll see you in the fall!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Here are the first two dinosaur pages that I have done since we went to the dinosaur exhibit.

Brachiosaurus and Spitting Ahead; click the titles for journaling/ credits.

Of course lately Rachel (3 years old) has been having nightmares about dinosaurs, LOL.

And keep an eye out in the July Digital Artist Magazine for a layout from me! :)

Monday, June 23, 2008


My three year old is a wild and crazy little girl. She rolls around in the dirt, eats dog food and climbs everything. She is a ball of energy and a breath of fresh air at the same time (when she doesn't have dog food breath that is, lol). One minute she's giving hugs and kisses and then the next she's saying, " Huhhh! Fine!" just proving once again she has attitude. And I love every bit and piece of her sweet little personality.

Here are a few Rachel pages. 3 T and Oops feature products by Sausan Designs and Sometimes features the fab puddle jumper kit which is a must have in your scrapping collection by Emily Powers and Kasia Designs. Click their titles for full credits and journaling.

Hope you are all having as much fun this summer as we are! Which of course means I am still in slow-mo this summer when it comes to scrapping, but the kids are only young once!

Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a bunch of pages

The last couple of weeks of school were very busy, and now summer has begun. Of course everybody thinks summer is a time to slow down, but really it means even less time for us moms, lol.

So here are just a bunch of pages as I try to catch up real quick. For full credits/journaling, check out my gallery, the link is on the right.

She's three- featuring the products of Tracey Monette.
We love Starbucks - featuring the products of Sausan Designs.
Precious Moments - featuring the products of Michelle Coleman.
Outside Play - featuring the products of Jackie Eckles.
Gabba Gabba - featuring the products of Tracey Monette.

See ya later alligator!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the Dinosaur Zoo

We went to the zoo this weekend and where they were having a dinosaur exhibit. Many of the dinosaurs were life sized and most of them moved and made sounds. The kids loved it. Well, Rachel liked it until one spit on her. LOL Yes, a dinosaur spit on her. Actually, it spit on all of us, but from that moment on she was quite wary of the dinosaurs. We had a great day though.

This of course means that I will be focusing on dinosaur pages over the next few weeks. :)

Oh, I've had a rather uninspired week; only a couple pages completed. Click on the titles for credits/journaling. But I actually scrapped two pages today, in an amazing burst of creativity, lol. I'll have those up either later this week.

Wampanoag Tribe (a little dreamer challenge page)

Now I have to say two things. One is that Jackie Eckles has created the cutest summer kit. It was one of the kits that inspired me to scrap two pages today. You must check it out at Little Dreamer, it is really fun.

And the second is that We Are Storytellers is stealing all my money! They are driving me crazy with all these wonderful kits that I just have to have but don't have time to scrap with, lol. And their most recent collabs include free gifts with purchase... qp albums that work with the Maya Road albums. I am having an argument with myself as to whether or not I should buy them... I'll let you know who wins. Lately it hasn't been little miss thrifty that's winning these arguments, lol.

Thanks for coming by!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm still here :)

I've really slowed down on my scrapping lately while getting ready to move, etc. Hopefully I'll get back in the groove before too long.

Here are my recent pages...

She's got style; credits here.
Doorbell Ditch; credits and journaling here.
Empire State Building: Sausan Designs' Shooga Shooga kit for DST gold members.

Do you post your family photos online?

Then visit Claudine's blog for information about a couple of bills coming up in the house and senate that could change copyright as we know it. You really need to check this out and hopefully you'll take a few minutes to send a letter to your representatives (links are in her blog and it will literally only take less than a minute).

Have a great week!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some 'Dreamer' pages

Hello, these are my most recent pages that I have completed using products from Little Dreamer Designs. I hope you didn't miss their big anniversary sale and all the prizes they handed out through the week in conjunction with their sale and blog challenges. It was a fun week.

One of the challenges was for people to challenge the creative team. The challenge that I did was to create a digital time capsule. That was a fun challenge, so that was the one that I picked. You can check out my page below, it's called My World.

The Lost Egg, credits/journaling here.
My World, credits/journaling here.

I recently did a quiz about the type of mother I am, and I wasn't at all surprised by the results, lol. I can't get the graphic to show up correctly, so here is the result in text format.

"You're a punk rock mommy! DIY is probably your motto, because you're a punk mama at heart. Your kids are getting your independent spirit and guts, and learning to solve problems themselves. You love it when they show their independence, even when it's breaking your heart."

It definitely hit it on the head when it says I love watching my girls' independent spirit. And I'll change the last phrase from 'even when it breaks your heart' to even when it destroys my house, lol.

Have I ever mentioned that my 2 year old is wild? In fact, one day my sister told me,'You don't need a boy, you have Rachel.' And she was right, lol.

Okay, here are a few more Little Dreamer pages to check out, and they are all about my Rachel.

Snow White Skates, credits/journaling here.
Pals, credits/journaling here.

Escape Artist, credits/journaling here.

Have a great day!

Key words: Michelle Coleman, Heidi Larsen, Jackie Eckles, Leora Sanford, Little Dreamer Designs Hullabaloo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back

That seems to be a popular title for me, lol.

I am still busy getting ready to move, but I am back to scrapping as well. I took the whole month of March off from all of my creative teams and didn't scrap a single page. It was kind of refreshing, lol.

But I haven't had the extra time to post here, so... I have a few pages to share. :)

One of my first pages back was about a leprechaun trap that Elizabeth and I made for a school project. It was pretty fun and came together pretty quick. But the night before St. Patrick's Day, my little girl had a really hard time sleeping, thinking she was hearing leprechaun feet all night long, lol. Too funny. Credits and journaling.

I love holidays, and really any time I can mess with my kids, lol. Those tricky leprechauns.

Next is a page featuring the first song that my dd wrote (the music). One proud mama here! Credits and journaling for Musician here.

Oh, and I guess as long as we're talking about messing with my kids (cough), here is a joke my dad pulled on my daughter that is pretty funny. Credits and journaling for April Fools here.

Okay, I have many more pages to post, but I'm out of time. I'll be back! :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Slowing Down

I'm slowing down for a while. We are in the midst of preparing to move which means that my life is crazy. And it will be crazy for a while, so I'm going to be slowing down with my scrapping, but I will be back now and then when I just HAVE to scrap, lol.

Here are my most recent pages...
Click on the title for credits and journaling.
Nature Boy
the World Needs Dreamers
the Camping Trip
Lady Liberty

Oh wait, before I leave, I want to say that you should go check out this gorgeous kit over at ScrapArtist. I can't wait to play with it!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So sleepyheaded today

This week I am tired. My two year old has been waking up at 4am every day and trying to play. My older daughter did this too when she was this age, and all I can say is I hope this phase passes quickly. Oi.

We did have a great week of sunshine here in Oregon which was wonderful. The weather was so nice in fact, that we were wearing shorts on Sunday. And of course it is now raining again, lol. I certainly don't mind the rain, and in fact I even enjoy it. But I like it when it doesn't rain every day. I like it when it rains, maybe two days a week. That is perfect. My kids are always happier when they get outdoor time... but that is probably true for most kids, lol.

Here are my most recent pages; as always, click on the titles for credits and journaling.

(This page was done for a photo swap at Little Dreamer Designs, among the CT. My swap was with Audrey Neal, and these are her cute girls. Of course I kept the page and put my own sweet girls in there so I can have a copy too! :) )
American Women
Attitude is everything

Have a great day!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


I hate coming up with titles for blog entries. Why is it I can come up with a page title, but not a blog entry title? Of course I guess my titles aren't all that creative, but still they are better then 'hmmm'.

Product alert: Have you seen these new paper cuts from Sausan Designs? They are so cool and yet delicate and pretty. I've used them on my New Sisters page below and I think they finish the page perfectly.

And how about these beautiful flowers by Jofia Designs? I bought 'em but haven't used them yet. I think I should put that on my 'to do' list for today!

Valentines Day... This year, my 8 yo daughter wrote a letter to a boy in her class and signed it 'from your secret emirer', LOL. I scanned it before she gave it to him so I can do a page about crushes and include her secret love letter. :) Nothing is sacred in my house!
Which reminds me of a cute story.
There has been this boy on her bus that has been driving my daughter crazy for almost 2 years. He is in the third grade and she is in the second grade. She calls him her 'arch enemy' because he is always 'bullying' her (aka bothering, lol). We keep telling her that he probably only bugs her because he likes her, because that is what boys do at that age.
Well, a few weeks ago, just as she was getting off the bus she paused next to his seat. She turned to him, and with all his friends watching, said "I know you like me." Then she turned and exited the bus. (She has great timing, don't you think?)
This poor boy didn't ride the bus for two weeks after that, LOL. He was still at school, he just didn't take the bus (wonder what he told his parents that had to drive him instead, lol). Finally, one day at school he walked over to her and said, "You're right, I do like you" and rushed down the hallway.
Well, he has admitted his crush, but she still thinks of him as a bully and her arch enemy, lol. And I love my daughter to pieces, she totally cracks me up.
I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day and holiday weekend!
And I have just a few pages to share. Click on the titles for credits/journaling.

Check out my new favorite kit...

I have to show you the cutest kit, it's called Arbot by Jackie Eckles, I love it to pieces! I used it for a Disneyland page, and I think I can use it again just for fun even though I have only girls. It's cool. Check it out here at Little Dreamer. (See my page below.)

I have had a sick family for the past week. I almost always get sick too but for some odd reason I am the only one that didn't get sick. Woo hoo! LOL. Actually, cleaning up after sick kids isn't really a reason to go 'woo hoo', LOL.

Okay, I've heard rumor that the writer's strike is over, but until I see major headlines verifying that is the case I'm not sure I want to get my hopes up. Anyway, it's probably too late to add many new shows before the season is over anyway. But, if you are not a subscriber to Showtime, you are in for a treat. You have to check out Dexter, it is scheduled to air on CBS the week of Valentines, and they plan to show the entire first season. It's a crime procedual with a major twist, and it will of course be cleaned up for regular television, but I don't think that will ruin it at all. In fact, even though I've seen it on Showtime, I plan to watch it again.

I'm boring, I know. Talking about sick kids, television, and now we're on to movies.

Have you guys seen the trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl yet? I am so excited, I cannot wait to see it. I already have a girlfriend date and a 'you have to be home to watch the kids' mandate to my husband so I can go, LOL. It will be so much fun! Here's the trailer if you want to check it out, click here. It's obvious from the trailer that they have made some changes from the book, but it still looks like it will be pretty terrific.

Well, anyway, I have a few pages, click on the title for credits/journaling.


Once Upon a Time

My Love

Excuse any typos, my spell check won't work and I'm too tired to do it the old fashioned way :)

Thanks and have a great day!

Trying to get out of a slump

Just a few pages, click on the title for credits.

Snow Day
I really love your hair