Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the Dinosaur Zoo

We went to the zoo this weekend and where they were having a dinosaur exhibit. Many of the dinosaurs were life sized and most of them moved and made sounds. The kids loved it. Well, Rachel liked it until one spit on her. LOL Yes, a dinosaur spit on her. Actually, it spit on all of us, but from that moment on she was quite wary of the dinosaurs. We had a great day though.

This of course means that I will be focusing on dinosaur pages over the next few weeks. :)

Oh, I've had a rather uninspired week; only a couple pages completed. Click on the titles for credits/journaling. But I actually scrapped two pages today, in an amazing burst of creativity, lol. I'll have those up either later this week.

Wampanoag Tribe (a little dreamer challenge page)

Now I have to say two things. One is that Jackie Eckles has created the cutest summer kit. It was one of the kits that inspired me to scrap two pages today. You must check it out at Little Dreamer, it is really fun.

And the second is that We Are Storytellers is stealing all my money! They are driving me crazy with all these wonderful kits that I just have to have but don't have time to scrap with, lol. And their most recent collabs include free gifts with purchase... qp albums that work with the Maya Road albums. I am having an argument with myself as to whether or not I should buy them... I'll let you know who wins. Lately it hasn't been little miss thrifty that's winning these arguments, lol.

Thanks for coming by!

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Nancy Comelab said...

I never realized how much I missed looking at your wonderful pages... and how much I missed you! :)

I hope all is well, my sweet friend!