Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Valentines Day

Elizabeth and I made her valentines day cards together this year. She picked the photo and we sat at the computer together. And I even let her do some of the actual work, lol.

They'll be printed up at 2x3 and then I think we'll punch a hole in the corner and use some ribbon to tie on some smarties.

Anna Aspnes: paper from Vintage Evergreen at Designer Digitals.
Natalie Braxton: pinned ribbon at the Lily Pad.
Kristy Ann Designs: rock elements from Preppy Punk at My Digital Muse.
Nancie Rowe Janitz: inking and paint strokes from ScrapArtist.
Chis Ford: rock star torn paper from Future Rockstar at 2 Peas.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

When it rains

When it rains, it pours... Of course this kind of rain is the good kind. The kind I have no problem with whatsoever, lol.

I have another layout featured on the Designer Digitals blog this week from my participation in the jumpstart challenge.

Check it out here.

Oh, it is late. I should have been in bed an hour and a half ago. I am going to be so tired tomorrow, lol.

Disney pages and a toot!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I'm in the spotlight this week!

My layout 'New Scarf ' is being featured on Disc Talk Radio's Dishin' the Digi - Coast 2 Coast.

Very exciting! (for me anyway, lol) The show will be available from 1/23 - 1/29 at Disc Talk Radio.

Oh my gosh! Elizabeth just walked in the room... she's home with the flu. She has one of my earing boxes in her hand and says, 'hey I just found one of my teeth!' Uh oh. I told her the Tooth Fairy let me save her first tooth. LOL

Now, everybody loves to scrap about Disneyland, right? LOL

We've been to Disneyland twice since our oldest daughter was born, she's seven years old. I have scrapped a total of two Disney pages... well, now four, lol. I finally decided that I needed to get on the ball and scrap some of those photos before our next trip to the happiest place on earth!

So here we are, my first two digi pages, the other two are paper pages and are not that good. But I'm not going to rescrap them, who has time? LOL

Aladdin (2004)

Disneyland was a regular part of our lives when we lived in California. But after we moved away we didn’t make much of an effort to get back. Until you were born, that is. In January 2004 we took you to Disneyland and California Adventure, which was new to us as well.

Upon arriving we discovered that California Adventure offered a theater experience, the musical Aladdin. And since you loved seeing Lion King in New York, we thought this would be a perfect way to spend some of our time at the park.

We watched the show three times during our visit… and we probably would have seen it more if we hadn’t waited until our third day at the park to see it. Each time we saw the show you were absolutely captivated. Especially during our first viewing, when Aladdin rode right past you and looked directly at you and waved.

Aladdin was definitely a big hit with us during our 2004 adventure to Disneyland.

Jessica Sprague: Echoes of Asia kit.
Corina Nielsen: Folded ribbon, solid.
Linda GB: Messy stitches.
Nancie Rowe Janitz: Paint strokes, inking.
Anna Aspnes: Hipster plumes.
Jackie Eckles: Metro alpha.
Nancy Comelab: Curled frames, wide and skinny.
Amy Martin: Stitched sequins.
Michele Coleman: Tag.
Lisa Whitney: Ric rac.

Playhouse Disney (2004)
I love these photos of Elizabeth in those Minnie Mouse sunglasses, lol.
(More puffy hearts in this page, I love those stickers!)

Corina Nielsen: background paper from ‘little lady holiday’ paper pack. Ribbon heart from ‘I heart ribbon’ pack. Heart stickers from ‘puffy hearts’ pack. Stitches from ‘arsenal’ kit. Hair clips from ‘cute clippys’ pack.

Nancy Comelab: curled frame cluster. Katie Pertiet: ledger brush. Anna Aspnes: Hipster plumes. Nancie Rowe Janitz: brush stokes. Tracey Monette: paint splatters. Catrine: journaling paper. Michelle Coleman: stamped alpha.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Looking for something?

I get lots of hits on this blog by people looking for designers, or digi products or designer blogs. So here is a little help for you.

Here are the links for the top four google searches this month:

Corina Neilsen (Funky Playground Designs)
Natalie Braxton and Natalie's blog
Linda GB (cardboard overlays)

Hope that helps!

Valentines is coming!

And these puffy hearts are too cute not to add to your layouts. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a Valentines day or a lovey layout to want to add these to your page. I love them. Puffy heart stickers by Corina Neisen, very cool.

Here's a layout I did using them.

Sisterly Love

Rachel, you were your sister’s dream and wish come true. Elizabeth wanted a sister more than anything, and you are her true love in life. Never forget that.

Corina Nielsen: Paper is from the Arsenal kit. Hearts are from the Puffy Heart pack.
Nancy Comelab: Curled frames.
Ida: Fall doodles (recolored).
Katie Pertiet: Pinned tag.


I love the background on this page. It was part of a gift from Sylvie of Sausan Designs that she gave to some of her customers. Those that were the first group of scrappers that noticed her and began buying her products. It was definitely a nice surprise in my inbox. And a pretty one too.

The name of the page is Toggler, which is how Elizabeth pronounces 'toddler'. I can't correct her. It is to stinking cute. I don't want her to stop saying it, lol.

Sausan Designs: Background paper from Midnight Moon paper pack. Cardboard behind photo from Dream On element pack.
Nancy Comelab: Curled frame.
Natalie Braxton: Ribbon rider.
Linda GB: Cardboard overlay. Tag and lace from Wintersong kit. Flowers from Ophelia kit.
Happy Robin: Bird from Wintersong kit.
Michelle Coleman: Boho flourishes.
Syrin: Loose stitches
Meredith Fenwick: Paint brush.
Nancie Rowe Janitz: Inking.
Michelle Pearson: Photo action.


Here is another layout using all Designer Digitals stuff. Hoping they might pick me for the guest CT, but definitely not getting my hopes up. There are some great scrappers that also want that one single little guest spot. LOL

After finding the birdbath in Uncle Gerald’s backyard, there was no way that Felix could be kept dry. Eventually, it was just easier to strip him and let him play. November 2005.

All from Designer Digitals:
Anna Aspnes: Vintage evergreen paper pack. Torn & Distressed journaling paper in the Buff. Hipster Plumes 4.
Jackie Eckles: Altered Embellies, stars. A Lot of Buttons. Big Quirky Stitches.
Katie Pertiet: Curled frames. Botanical frames. Nature brushes. Ledger Grids. Aged alpha.

Do you like vibrant colors?

Well if you like fun colors and patterns, check out Tracey Monette's new kit, Siesta Jellies. It is very fun, and available here.


Elizabeth, you began the day, all nice and fresh, ready to play with your cousins. You ended the day, exhausted and just a wee bit mussed up after playing hard all day with your fun older cousins. November 2005.

New colorful and fun kit by Tracey Monette, available on Sunday at Scrapbook-Elements, called Siesta Jelly. Also by Tracey Monette: Pop-Up frams and Painted notebook alpha.

Pinned ribbon by Natalie Braxton. Flower doodles by Ida. Swirls by Anna Aspnes. Paint by Nancie Rowe Janitz.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Layout of the Week

I was surprised this week by a little note informing me that my layout 'Pony' was picked as layout of the week at Designer Digitals. That is always a fun surprise.

Check it out here.

So we finally got some snow this week and the kids were loving every minute of it. In fact, it's still on the ground. But we are supposed to have beautiful sunny, and cold, days ahead of us during the next week. You know what that means to me? Taking the kids outside for photos!!! LOL

Toothless Talk

This is why I love blogs. I can go back and find my journaling for all my old photos without any problem! Compared to my more recent layouts, this is fairly simple. Not a lot of elements. All about paper, stamps and journaling.

As I watched you talk this morning, and the drool was escaping your mouth due to a lack of teeth, I was reminded of how you used to chew gum. Not that you get to chew gum very often.

During your first year of learning to chew gum, it was especially distasteful because you couldn’t get the hang of it. I guess, like learning to pump your legs on a swing, learning to chew gum and swallow your saliva at the same time takes practice. Because you could not swallow your saliva when you chewed gum, no matter how hard you tried, the spit would just run out the sides of your mouth and down your chin.

It was lovely.

But, alas, just as you figured out how to pump your legs when you swing, you figured out how to chew gum without having spit run down your face. Now you just need to learn to keep the saliva in your mouth while talking without teeth.

Everything here is from Designer Digitals.
Katie Pertiet: Aged alpha. Supersized alpha. Blank safety tags. Deckeled frame. Curled frame.
Lynn Grieveson: Big Chill paper pack.
Anna Aspnes: Hipster plumes 3.
Kelly Mize: Paint brushes. Circle grunge.

Rock Angel

We thought you were excited when the truck dumped all the gravel into our driveway, but that was only the beginning. The true excitement came with jumping in it, playing in it and making rock angels. You are such a girly girl! Elizabeth. October 2005.

Everything here is from Designer Digitals.
Anna Aspnes: Vintage Evergreen paper pack.
Jackie Eckles: Altered embellies (stars), altered embellies (journaling tag), Whimsicality Doodles.
Katie Pertiet: Curled frames, Mixed stamped alpha.
Kelly Mize: Paint brush.


Journaling removed because I've had two wierdo hits on my blog sice I posted this and that's enough for me.

Corina Nielsen: kraft paper from arsenal.
IOD: blue paper from Sweet ‘n’ Trashy. Staples from Essentials.
Nancy Comelab: Curled photo frame.
Natalie Braxton: Thingz on Stringz. Ribbon Riders. Fashionable Fasteners.
Jen Wilson: Patterned paper (blended). Hold-t-downs on the ribbon.
Miss Mint: tin foil star.
Amy Martin: Sequin strings.
Linda GB: twisted ribbon from Ophelia.
Anna Aspnes: Naked Tape It- freestyle.
Nancie Rowe-Janitz: distressing ink.
Kim Christensen: tissue paper alpha.
Zftamp: tearing strip.
Lisa Whitney: ric rac.
Michelle Pearson: photo actions.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A New Year

Happy New Year!

School started back today. The tree and decorations are gone. I feel good.

That's all.


New Scarf

Elizabeth has wanted a scarf for years, and I have been telling her she wasn’t old enough for years. Finally, this year she received a scarf from Santa Claus for Christmas, and she was absolutely delighted with this gift.

Iron Orchid Designs (IOD): background paper from Little Miss Lola Britches and paper snowflakes (also blended into background).

Nancie Rowe Janitz: Schmootzy frames.
Nancy Comelab: Curled photo frame.
Natalie Braxton: ‘perfectly pinned’ ribbon.
Linda GB: lace, cardboard overlay, hanging tag.
Sausan Designs: Pressed leaves.
Kim Christensen: tissue paper alpha.
Meredith Fenwick: paint strokes.

Mirror Mirror

Elizabeth thinks standing in front of those funky amusement park/ carnival mirrors are a blast. Which of course means that I had to photograph it, lol. These photos were from this past August.

Tracey Monette (Scrapbook-Elements):
Background paper: blended paper from ‘carousel’ and ‘colorful marbles’. Carousel elements are from her ‘carousel’ kit. The frame from her ‘messy deckle matte’ pack. Ribbon from her ‘dotted ribbon’ pack. Tag and plastic hanger from her new ‘hang tags’ pack.

Natalie Braxton: Thingz on Stringz.
Nancie Rowe Janitz: Schmootzy frame.
Jen Wilson: Squiggle Fleurs.

First Pony

The first thing the doctor said was, ‘Look at all that hair!’

Ever since then I have been looking forward to watching your hair grow and to being able to do fun and girly things to it.

You were just 7 weeks old the first time I put a barrette in your hair and it wasn’t long after that that I could put your hair in a little pony on top of your head. This summer I was able to put your hair in pig tails, and you looked so cute.

But this winter, it finally dawned on me that I could probably put your hair in a regular pony tail. So I gave it a try, and it worked. Not only did your hair stay in the pony, but it looked absolutely adorable that way too.

Corina Nielsen at Funky Playground Designs: background paper from ‘My Princess’. Hair clip from ‘cute clippys’. Folded ribbon from ‘folded dots’. Solid ribbon from ‘my prince’. Beaded flowers from ‘purty things’. Felt flower from ‘felt flowers 2’. Tape measure, price tag and stitches from ‘arsenal’ kits.

Natalie Braxton: Ribbon riders.
Tracey Monette: Date stamp.
Michelle Coleman: Boho frame.
Nancy Comelab: Curled Polaroid frame.
Holly McCaig: stapled negative frame.
Linda GB: Cardboard overlay.
Katie Pertiet: stamped alpha.