Wednesday, January 03, 2007

First Pony

The first thing the doctor said was, ‘Look at all that hair!’

Ever since then I have been looking forward to watching your hair grow and to being able to do fun and girly things to it.

You were just 7 weeks old the first time I put a barrette in your hair and it wasn’t long after that that I could put your hair in a little pony on top of your head. This summer I was able to put your hair in pig tails, and you looked so cute.

But this winter, it finally dawned on me that I could probably put your hair in a regular pony tail. So I gave it a try, and it worked. Not only did your hair stay in the pony, but it looked absolutely adorable that way too.

Corina Nielsen at Funky Playground Designs: background paper from ‘My Princess’. Hair clip from ‘cute clippys’. Folded ribbon from ‘folded dots’. Solid ribbon from ‘my prince’. Beaded flowers from ‘purty things’. Felt flower from ‘felt flowers 2’. Tape measure, price tag and stitches from ‘arsenal’ kits.

Natalie Braxton: Ribbon riders.
Tracey Monette: Date stamp.
Michelle Coleman: Boho frame.
Nancy Comelab: Curled Polaroid frame.
Holly McCaig: stapled negative frame.
Linda GB: Cardboard overlay.
Katie Pertiet: stamped alpha.

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