Friday, January 12, 2007

Toothless Talk

This is why I love blogs. I can go back and find my journaling for all my old photos without any problem! Compared to my more recent layouts, this is fairly simple. Not a lot of elements. All about paper, stamps and journaling.

As I watched you talk this morning, and the drool was escaping your mouth due to a lack of teeth, I was reminded of how you used to chew gum. Not that you get to chew gum very often.

During your first year of learning to chew gum, it was especially distasteful because you couldn’t get the hang of it. I guess, like learning to pump your legs on a swing, learning to chew gum and swallow your saliva at the same time takes practice. Because you could not swallow your saliva when you chewed gum, no matter how hard you tried, the spit would just run out the sides of your mouth and down your chin.

It was lovely.

But, alas, just as you figured out how to pump your legs when you swing, you figured out how to chew gum without having spit run down your face. Now you just need to learn to keep the saliva in your mouth while talking without teeth.

Everything here is from Designer Digitals.
Katie Pertiet: Aged alpha. Supersized alpha. Blank safety tags. Deckeled frame. Curled frame.
Lynn Grieveson: Big Chill paper pack.
Anna Aspnes: Hipster plumes 3.
Kelly Mize: Paint brushes. Circle grunge.

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