Friday, January 12, 2007


Journaling removed because I've had two wierdo hits on my blog sice I posted this and that's enough for me.

Corina Nielsen: kraft paper from arsenal.
IOD: blue paper from Sweet ‘n’ Trashy. Staples from Essentials.
Nancy Comelab: Curled photo frame.
Natalie Braxton: Thingz on Stringz. Ribbon Riders. Fashionable Fasteners.
Jen Wilson: Patterned paper (blended). Hold-t-downs on the ribbon.
Miss Mint: tin foil star.
Amy Martin: Sequin strings.
Linda GB: twisted ribbon from Ophelia.
Anna Aspnes: Naked Tape It- freestyle.
Nancie Rowe-Janitz: distressing ink.
Kim Christensen: tissue paper alpha.
Zftamp: tearing strip.
Lisa Whitney: ric rac.
Michelle Pearson: photo actions.

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