Friday, June 29, 2012

CT Call for Alissa Jones/ PICK A PAPER by Alissa

I'm having a CT call! 

New products and a poem

First business, then pleasure. ;)


New products from Alissa Jones @ ScrapMatters

Travel Time/ European Holiday combo deal by Alissa Jones

Ollie by Alissa Jones

She Said by Alissa Jones










And last week I introduced, but didn't blog...

European Holiday by Alissa Jones

Lost in Asia by Alissa Jones











And some layouts...













Now, I must share with you a poem that my sweet 7 year old daughter wrote.

My hair is smooth like dirt
My eyes are like the blue sky
My skin is like a creamy shell
My mouth is red like a kite
My legs are strong like a horse
I live on a farm and I eat chicken
by Rachel

Somebody must have helped her with her spelling on that one. :)

Here's one more:

I wish that I was a horse (wuz a hores)
I wish that I got all the ice cream I could eat (git all the ickream I eat)
I wish that I ran the zoo
I wish that I had the longest hair (logit har)
I wish that I was a zebra
I wish that it was peaceful (psfull)
I wish that I am beautiful (butfoll)
I wish that it was always hot (oyes hot)
I wish that I was a princess (yuz a pissas)
by Rachel

How can you not love poetry by a first grader?  :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

New store and new products!

Guess what? I am now available at Scrap Matters!  For my debut at SM I have several new products for you to check out and a reintroduction of a few older pieces.

Brand  Spankin' New

Travel Time

Note that Travel time will soon be joined by the coordinating kits European Holiday and American Vacation. :)

Speakables by Alissa Jones

Speakables Papers by Alissa Jones

Man Chips by Alissa Jones

Krafty Man by Alissa Jones

And some oldies  but goodies

In the Woods Collection

Beach Party by Alissa Jones

On the Road by Alissa Jones

Mapped Out by Alissa Jones

Till next time!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

MScraps Changing Servers

M-Scraps is changing servers and the store is down over the weekend.
Thanks for your patience!