Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer Days

I can't believe it is almost the Fourth of July! The summer is already getting away from me and I feel like I haven't even had a chance to experience it yet.

But I did get to send my oldest daughter on a business trip with her Daddy last week. This has become an annual trip for them. They head down the coast and make a pit stop at a walk-through wild animal safari, then they go inland before heading back home. She loves this time with her Daddy; staying in hotels, swimming, eating in restaurants. And she even enjoys watching him work, especially when he goes into police departments. She thinks that is pretty cool.

The first photo here is Elizabeth with a lion cub last summer. Then the next photo is of the same lion, one year later.

Elizabeth was pretty amazed at the amount the lion grew. She thought that was pretty cool. (Look at the size of those paws!) And no, she didn't get to play with her on her lap this year, LOL.

One of these days I am going to go with them because I want to pet a lion or a tiger or one of those other cool animals that she has been able to pet. This time though, they didn't have any lion, tiger or bear cubs for to pet, but she did get to have a lynx on her lap. Very cool.

Okay, moving on...

Check out this new kit, a collaborative by the girls at Little Dreamer (Michelle Coleman, Lori Barnhurst and Jackie Eckles). Talk about the perfect summer kit to scrap all those fun Fourth of July and barbeque photos. I can't wait to use it! (and it's on sale right now too!)

Okay, I needed a break from CT pages, and I had these cute photos of Elizabeth to scrap. So here is me just having fun, and I really love how this page came out too.

Summer Vacation credits here.

As you know, Nancy Comelab's creative team has been doing challenges each Monday on Nancy's blog. This week's challenge is a photo challenge. So here I am with some photos without people. The first is from the top of the Empire State Building. Of all the non-family photos I took from up there I really loved this one because of how packed it is with buildings.

And this photo (I couldn't decide) was from our trip to Niagra Falls. I thought it was just beautiful.

Now you should probably 'hop' on over to the Lily Pad's gallery too for a little bit of fun and a chance to win some cool prizes.

Click here for the first clue. Here is the second clue. And click here to access the gallery.

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

My family

The big news in my household today is that potty training has actually begun (in other words, she did it in the potty for the first time)! We were all so excited, including Rachel. She kept giving high fives, the little cutie pie. Of course, this makes up for the fact that she gave herself a zebra tattoo on her arm just prior, LOL.

I was standing at the stove stirring my pot of chili when I looked over at Rachel who had been contently drawing on a pad of paper at the counter. That was when I realized that she must have gotten bored with the paper and moved on to more interesting surfaces with more texture. Yes, a tattoo artist at just two years old.

Notice how she thinks a 'wink' will make it all better? LOL

Of course this goes perfectly with her purple lipstick, in fact it goes much better with purple lipstick than with red.

Yes, my munchkin is a handful, but I love her to pieces! Colorful credits can be found here.

And let me introduce you to some other family members... This is my sister Audra and her family on vacation in Maui last Spring. She hasn't seen this yet, so... Surprise Audra!

Love this kit by Michelle Coleman. Click the title for full credits:
Island Adventure

This uses the new Romantica kit by Sausan Designs at Scrapbook Graphics. Click the title for the full credits.

Us (untitled)

And this is my baby brother, the youngest of five children, Kevin. Sausan Design's new 'boy oh boy' kit has the cutest little airplane in it that I really wanted to use. And since I don't have boys, I had to go ahead and scrap my brother, who just recently left the Air Force for a civilian life with his wife. Isn't he a handsome fellow?


Okay, I'll try to scrap a page of my other brother and sister in the near future so you can meet them too.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Guest blogging gig...

Okay, this is mostly for my reference, but if any of you missed my blog entries on Nancy Comelab's blog, here they are!

I want to laugh

a little scrapping history

farm girl


life is like a comic book

we have a winner

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just a few pages I wanted to share!

Remember, I'm guest blogging for Nancy Comelab this week! Check me out on her blog!

And not only are there weekly challenges every week with great prizes (come on, you know Nancy's reputation for prizes!), but anyone who participates for 20 weeks in a row will have their name put into a hat to win a major prize. She will put $100 in your paypal account to spend any way you want! Nancy is always surprising me with her generosity, isn't she the coolest?

My pages...

What I love about this page is how it shows Rachel's thought process. She is sitting in the clubhouse section of the swing set trying to make a decision. Then she decides, I think I might try sliding on my belly. And she gets closer and closer until she is ready to go down. And then, just as she starts to slide.... Mom swoops in and protects that precious face! Oh, I love her to pieces! Check out the credits here.

This page was fun because of the mixture of textures and color. And of course because I love these three people more than anything! Check the credits out here.

This is another page that is totally Rachel. For the longest time she would turn around abruptly and refuse to even look at me when I had my camera in my hand. Now, I get three chances to take a photo, and then when those three moments are over, she is out of there. She looks at me and says 'cheese' with a big smile, and then she does it again, 'cheese'. Then she looks at me and winks. And then if I haven't taken a photo or if I messed up and got it blurry then too bad, because she is done. LOL, she cracks me up! Check out my credits here!

Have a great day everybody!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

a little bit of wild life

Guess what? This week I am the guest blogger at Nancy Comelab's blog, You should definitely run over there, because I tried really hard to be much more interesting than I am over here, LOL. And because I have a fun challenge with a Nancy prize.

Check me out here at Nancy's blog. Monday through Sunday, June 11-17, 2007.

I just wanted to put up a few pages real quick of Elizabeth at a walk-though safari in Southern Oregon. These photos are actually taken one year apart, but you might have a hard time figuring that out because she is wearing the same shirt during both visits, LOL. I actually have more photos from the safari that I still want to scrap, they are actually the best photos too. I have a hard time scrapping photos that I love, I am always afraid that I will ruin them. Isn't it funny that I still have that fear of ruining them even when I am doing it digitally? LOL, some things just can't be explained.

These photos are from 2006 and I used Lori Barnhurst's Kid Couture kit at Little Dreamer Designs. Check here for full credits.

The photos in this page are from 2005. The adult cats were in cages, but I still was a little freaked when I saw how big that tiger cub was that she was petting, LOL. No, I wasn't with her, this was a special trip she took with her dad. So when I saw the size of that tiger, my heart did leap just a little. Check here for credits.

Now don't forget to visit me at Nancy's blog!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Like a little texture in your pages?

Well then, let me introduce you to Lil Jake...

It is a beautiful new kit from Sausan Designs that you are definitely going to want to invest in. Lil Jake is currently available at ScrapArtist, just for the month of June. Get it here.

Now when I saw this kit the first thing I thought of was what fun altered design I could do, but then as I opened it my mind wandered into the old West, lol. I used it for a cowboy page! lol, probably not what Sylvie had in mind when she designed it, but it worked so well for me. :)
So this is my page about our trip to Tombstone a few years ago. Tombstone is of course famous for Wyatt Earp and his gun fight at the OK Corral. Check my full credits and journaling here.

Last week we had beautiful weather here in Oregon. It was not quite hot enough to turn on the A/C (at least by my husbands standards, lol) but it was warm enough to turn on the fans and to go swimming. So my girls swam several times last week (it's raining this week, lol) and I got some cute photos that I have yet to scrap. But heck, check out my kids in all their cuteness...

My kids love the outdoors. In fact I have a hard time keeping the little one in, lol. I wish the door locks were higher on the sliding glass door, lol.
Now this next page contains some more cute photos of my oldest while she was enjoying the sunshine this past week. It uses mainly Jackie Eckles products, but check here for full credits.

Now this page uses one of Corina Nielsen's newest paper packs, which is filled with golden beauty, available at FPD. Check here for full credits.
But anyway, these are my brothers and sisters together last fall on the East coast for the retirement of our parents. We had such a great time together. Most of us are here in the Pacific Northwest, but at that time my youngest brother and his wife were stationed in Japan. Since then he has left the military and moved to Texas. So the five of us getting together will probably happen more now that my brother is back in the states, but prior to that it was a rare occurrence.

I tell you, I just love the golden tones! Maybe that's one of the reasons Autumn is my favorite season. That and I just love a crisp coolness in the air :)
Well, I have some fun projects coming up, but I'm going to wait and share those another day :) Here's hoping you have a great day!