Saturday, June 23, 2007

My family

The big news in my household today is that potty training has actually begun (in other words, she did it in the potty for the first time)! We were all so excited, including Rachel. She kept giving high fives, the little cutie pie. Of course, this makes up for the fact that she gave herself a zebra tattoo on her arm just prior, LOL.

I was standing at the stove stirring my pot of chili when I looked over at Rachel who had been contently drawing on a pad of paper at the counter. That was when I realized that she must have gotten bored with the paper and moved on to more interesting surfaces with more texture. Yes, a tattoo artist at just two years old.

Notice how she thinks a 'wink' will make it all better? LOL

Of course this goes perfectly with her purple lipstick, in fact it goes much better with purple lipstick than with red.

Yes, my munchkin is a handful, but I love her to pieces! Colorful credits can be found here.

And let me introduce you to some other family members... This is my sister Audra and her family on vacation in Maui last Spring. She hasn't seen this yet, so... Surprise Audra!

Love this kit by Michelle Coleman. Click the title for full credits:
Island Adventure

This uses the new Romantica kit by Sausan Designs at Scrapbook Graphics. Click the title for the full credits.

Us (untitled)

And this is my baby brother, the youngest of five children, Kevin. Sausan Design's new 'boy oh boy' kit has the cutest little airplane in it that I really wanted to use. And since I don't have boys, I had to go ahead and scrap my brother, who just recently left the Air Force for a civilian life with his wife. Isn't he a handsome fellow?


Okay, I'll try to scrap a page of my other brother and sister in the near future so you can meet them too.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day!


Victoria said...

Your layouts are always fabulous!

Your little one is a riot! My four year-old loves to "accidentally" draw on herself, too!

cindy_i_ said...

I love the photos of your little girl - she sounds like she is a hoot to be around! the purple lipstick is HILARIOUS!

Claudi said...

oh, this photos of your little girl are priceless! love them all!

glad to see your other family members and thanks for visiting my blog

Sara E said...

oh my,.....thanks so much for posting that about your daughter......I always love reading about other people's 2 year olds to be entertained that mine aren't the only goofy ones around

MandaKay said...

oh boy - your little daughter does look like a handful - hopefully she doesn't do these things on a daily basis - LOL! Love the LO's and the family intro!

Cyndy said...

Your layouts were great, and your daughter is adorable. I especially liked the one of your brother.

Monique said...

what a little cutie your daughter is! mine just did the same thing with markers yesterday, drew herself a of course i took pics too! we're still working on the potty training, my DD is 28 monhts old now and still won't use it. oh well, i guess she'll tell me when she's ready. have a great day!

Karen (lindse) said...

My goodness, your little girl is precious - and with a wild side!! Love all of your Los :)

Nancy Comelab said...

Thank you so much for sharing those supercute photos of Rachel! I love hearing your stories! :) And meeting your beautiful family! Fab layouts, Alissa. You rock everything you touch! Have a magical day!
Oh, and I love the new blog feel. Lol... it feels different.