Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Like a little texture in your pages?

Well then, let me introduce you to Lil Jake...

It is a beautiful new kit from Sausan Designs that you are definitely going to want to invest in. Lil Jake is currently available at ScrapArtist, just for the month of June. Get it here.

Now when I saw this kit the first thing I thought of was what fun altered design I could do, but then as I opened it my mind wandered into the old West, lol. I used it for a cowboy page! lol, probably not what Sylvie had in mind when she designed it, but it worked so well for me. :)
So this is my page about our trip to Tombstone a few years ago. Tombstone is of course famous for Wyatt Earp and his gun fight at the OK Corral. Check my full credits and journaling here.

Last week we had beautiful weather here in Oregon. It was not quite hot enough to turn on the A/C (at least by my husbands standards, lol) but it was warm enough to turn on the fans and to go swimming. So my girls swam several times last week (it's raining this week, lol) and I got some cute photos that I have yet to scrap. But heck, check out my kids in all their cuteness...

My kids love the outdoors. In fact I have a hard time keeping the little one in, lol. I wish the door locks were higher on the sliding glass door, lol.
Now this next page contains some more cute photos of my oldest while she was enjoying the sunshine this past week. It uses mainly Jackie Eckles products, but check here for full credits.

Now this page uses one of Corina Nielsen's newest paper packs, which is filled with golden beauty, available at FPD. Check here for full credits.
But anyway, these are my brothers and sisters together last fall on the East coast for the retirement of our parents. We had such a great time together. Most of us are here in the Pacific Northwest, but at that time my youngest brother and his wife were stationed in Japan. Since then he has left the military and moved to Texas. So the five of us getting together will probably happen more now that my brother is back in the states, but prior to that it was a rare occurrence.

I tell you, I just love the golden tones! Maybe that's one of the reasons Autumn is my favorite season. That and I just love a crisp coolness in the air :)
Well, I have some fun projects coming up, but I'm going to wait and share those another day :) Here's hoping you have a great day!


Heather said...

what gorgeous LOs! And you are right, it is perfect with that cowboy page you made! all the los are perfect!

and your girls are GORGEOUS!

Stacy V said...

Great layouts! I watched a Ghost Hunter's show about Tombstone last week! LOL

Mary said...

Wow all of your layouts are just Superb in their own right.

Chels said...

great los!

Nancy Comelab said...

It's always such a pleasure to come and read your blog... filled with gorgeous photos and layouts, and always a great read! Love ya, chica!