Friday, March 31, 2006

Stuck (digital)

I know. Some of you are thinking she's just like her mother...

Products used: JenWilson’s Free to Be papers and flower. Inked edges by ScrapArtist.

All Girl (digital)

All Girl (and then some).

Journaling reads:

“When Elizabeth plays soccer, she plays hard. And don’t ever confuse her with someone who can be pushed around, because she pushes back.

Her first soccer game was all smiles and fun, especially when she scored two goals. But her second game was a little different. The boys on the opposing team were rather aggressive. And I am not referring to their style of play, but rather to their behavior in general. First, one boy jumped on her and pinned her to the ground. So, Elizabeth flipped him over on his back and pinned him to the ground. Then another little boy came up to her after the game and put his hands on her chest and shoved her to the ground. Elizabeth didn’t even bat an eye before getting up and shoving him right back.

I was rather shocked at their behavior, but I more than admit that I am glad that my little girl won’t be pushed around.

A few games later, nobody was surprised when Elizabeth bonked heads with another kid and came away with a black eye, which wasn’t her first and probably won’t be her last.

But what did surprise people at the beginning of the season was that this little kindergarten girl not only stood up for herself, but she rocked on the field. She got in there and stole the ball from the other team. She took the ball away and ran it down the field to her goal and scored. She used good sportsmanship and boy did she have fun. All the while looking cute.”

Products used: Papers and overlay from Maya’s Crazy Paisley kit at ScrapbookGraphics. Stitching from Jen Wilson. Paisley brush from ScrapGirls.

Soccer Versus Diary (digital)

These photos were taken of Elizabeth during soccer practice earlier this year. She received her first journal this summer from her Auntie Francine, and she has been writing and drawing away in her many diaries and journals since. In fact the one she was using this morning has a lock on it. She is very worried that the boys from down the street might come over and unlock it and look at it.

Soccer versus Diary. Why choose? Elizabeth can do both at the same time! Soccer practice, September 2005.

Products used: Jen Wilson's Stories kits (Dreams for you and Extraordinary Everyday). Staples from DigitalScrapbookPlace.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Flat Stanley (digital)

The Flat Stanley project: a fellow scrapbooker's daughter is doing a project at school where she has to mail him to a friend in another state or country. That person is supposed to take him places and take pictures with him. In her daughter's case, we also scrapbooked his visit for her to take to school. (Flat Stanley is a children's chapter book series.)

The journaling reads:

“Flat Stanley joined us on our Arizona vacation. In these photos he is enjoying a day in the Wild West of the Old Tucson Studios where numerous Western films and television shows have been filmed. We spent our day rubbing elbows with outlaw gunslingers, lawmen and the Can Can saloon girls.

We also experienced such Western activities as riding horses and panning for gold. I am confident that Stanley had a ‘wild’ time in the ‘Wild, Wild West’ of Southern Arizona.”

The background and Pan for Gold sign are photos from our visit. The 'Wanted' poster and the tag with tie are from Maya's Wild West kit at ScrapbookGraphics.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here Comes the Sun (digital layout)

Here Comes the Sun.

This photo was taken of Elizabeth last summer, when she was 5, at the beach on Whidbey Island. We had a really fun afternoon riding the ferry over and then playing on the beach before heading over to Curtis' rehearsal dinner. I have several fun photos of her taken that afternoon, but I love that I caught her in mid laugh with such an expression of carefree innocence and joyful exuberance.

Products used: Papers from the Moody Blues kit at ShabbyPrincess. Papers, word art, sun doodle from ScrapArtistÂ’s Summer Dew kit. Stitching from Jen Wilson.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Slumber Party (digital layout)

Some of you have seen a different version of this. I changed the journaling block, and I think this version works better.

Journaling reads:
For over a week you have been beside yourself with excitement and fear about going to your first slumber party. You have been asking everybody, “Have you been to a slumber party before? What did you do? What was it like? Can you tell me a story about it?” You even checked out books from the library about sleepovers to help prepare yourself for your new adventure. You asked me if I would stay at the party with you and when I told you that I couldn’t, you asked Daddy if he would stay with you. But I really wish that I could be there with you.

The first thing you said to me this morning was, “I’m going to miss you so much!” Well, I think I’ll miss you too.

On the way over to Calla’s house you suddenly began complaining that your head hurt. I told you to take some big deep breaths and to calm yourself down. You are going to be ok. You have known most of these girls since you were one-year old.

Upon arriving at Calla’s house you gave me a great big hug. And then you wouldn’t let go. We stood, attached, for more than 20 minutes before I convinced you to let go of me. But only with the promise that I would call you after dinner to see how it was going. You slowly stepped away from me and sat down on the couch to watch the other girls dance. When I left, you were still sitting on the couch with a look of complete fear on your face. Yes, it was hard leaving you like that, even when I knew you were going to have a ton of fun.

When I called you at 7:30pm you still sounded scared, but you were ready to stay for the night anyway. I finally went to bed at 10:00pm, wondering if we would receive a call asking us to come get you. But no call came. And let me tell you, it was hard for me to sleep too. It is really hard to go to sleep when your baby isn’t in her bed, even if you know that she is perfectly safe.

Products used: Jen Wilson's Wild Hearts Can't Be Tamed kit . Brads from ScrapArtist's Summer Dew kit. Fonts used: alot of them.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Horse Wrangler (digital layout)

“Horse Wrangler: The Jones Boys circa 1970s. Mathew, Shaun and Gerald.” The tag reads, “Them Jones boys wrangled them wild horses with the best of them.”

Here is a layout featuring Shaun and his brothers playing in their backyard. Aren't they so cute?

All papers and elements from Maya’s kits ‘Howdy’ and ‘Wild West’ at ScrapbookGraphics. Font is Potato Press.

Grown With Love (paper layout)

Grown With Love.

"You love to garden. When you were a toddler I used to reward your good behavior with allowing you to water the plants. You’re now 5 and you still think it’s a treat to water. May 2005. "

Sorry, the scan isn't great, but the overall look is still there. These photos were not even taken a year ago, and she has already changed so much. When Shaun looked at them last night he thought they were from two years ago. They grow so fast!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Change Is Hard (digital layout)

"Change Is Hard. Elizabeth shares the attention. May 2005"

My sweet baby. Her facial expression in the main photograph makes my heart hurt for her. These hurt feelings weren't so much about sharing the attention with Rachel as it was about sharing Mimi's attention with her cousins.

Products used: Patterned papers, ribbon and leather string from Jen Wilson’s Free to Be kit. Patterned papers from Kim Christensen’s Dirty Skirt kit. Patterned papers from Scrap Artist’s Fresh Start kit. Cardstock form Shabby Princess’ Halloween Sampler. Flower brad by G.Miller’s Pinkie Pie kit. Fonts are Papyrus and Glider Girls.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Rachel Jeanine (digital layout)

I was experimenting with altering photos and decided to make a layout with it.

“Rachel Jeanine ~ I love you so (Feb. 2006; 8 ½ months).”

Products used: cardstock by Alissa; flower stickers, flower stamps and ric rac from the Summer Dew kit by ScrapArtist; printed paper from the Fresh Start kit by ScrapArtist.; stitching brush from Jen Wilson

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Snowball Fight (digital layout)

Snowball Fight (March 9, 2006)

Upon the realization that we had snow on the ground this morning, Elizabeth had to go out and play in it. Her favorite part was throwing snowballs at us, even though we were inside. Too bad she just washed that window yesterday, now she has to do it all over again (hee, hee).

Supplies used: Paper (all altered): pink papers are Kim Crothers’ Silly Flower (Scrapbook_Bytes), lavender paper is from Life is a Bistro (Scrap_Artist). Stamps are Antiquated Swirls (Scrap_Artist). Beads on wire are from the Crazy Paisley kit (Scrapbook_Graphics). Font is papyrus.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Shower (digital layout)

Journaling reads: "Rachel took her first shower with Daddy when she was 4 weeks old. On that summer day in June of 2005, Rachel began to love water. In particular, she loves to be in water with Daddy. Try putting her in the shower with Mommy, and she screams. Put her in the shower with Daddy, and it is all giggles and fun. "

You may be able to tell, but I absolutely love the facial expression on Rachel in the first page. Which is of course, why I used that picture so many times.

Products used:
Paper: the Dirty Skirt line designed by Kim Christensen (scrapbook_Bytes).
Chipboard: the Silly Flower kit designed by Kim Crothers (scrapbook_bytes)
Flowers: the Pinky Pie kit designed by G.Miller (Scrapbook_Bytes)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Making The Bed (digital layout)

"Making the bed while laying down on it is hard to do." But that is how Elizabeth likes to make her bed. And really, who can blame her?

I used some of the same papers that I used on my fist two layouts, but I muted the colors on them so they weren't so bright. Another simple layout, but it works for the picture. Most of the texture is in the picture itself; the shadows, the stripes on her sweater, etc. So, leaving the layout simple worked for me.

Products used: ShabbyPrincess: papers & ribbon (Sweet Sprinkles); stitch circle (Urban Kiwi).

Rock Star (digital layout)

I made several versions of this layout, and am not completely happy with any of them, but I like this one better than the others. You can really see where I was having some trouble in the photo sizes, etc. But since then I have learned a few tricks that I can apply to future layouts. (Thanks Tracey!)

Supplies used:
ScrapbookGraphics: paper, metal mesh /Funkafied.
ShabbyPrincess: paper, metal title, metal brads/ Urban Kiwi.
ScrapGirls: brush/ Playing_Around; paper/ Serendipity.
Font: KissMeKissMeKissMe(the Cure)

Body Piercing (digital layout)

I know this isn't everybody's cup of tea, but it's mine, so there!

I love this layout, because I finally created something that feels like art to me. Of course you can still tell I'm a beginner (paper clip just laying there), but I am feeling like this new medium is going to work out for me. Which makes me a happy girl.

Supplies used: Metal alphas and accents from ShabbyPrincess' Urban Kiwi. Paper (altered) and fishnet from ScrapbookGraphics' Funkafied.

Alissa (digital layout)

This is a layout of me. The photo was taken by my friend Tracey while we were having coffee one afternoon. When I saw this kit, Serendipity, I knew immediately that I wanted it for scrapping my own picture. But then when I scrapped it, I had to add the red, which is my favorite color by the way, to make it just a little more me.

This layout is simple and straight forward, like me. But then you have this complex detailed background full of color and uniqueness that you don't see at first until you really look. Just like me.

Products used: ScrapGirls_Serendipity ( I altered the paper by adding the red color, which I took from my lips.)

Laughter (digital layout)

I love the simplicity of this layout. The blurry photo that I almost erased off my camera really shows the point in our little self-portrait session where Elizabeth let go of her melt-down and began to shake it off.

"Laughter ~ A much needed release after a long day. Elizabeth and Mommy, July 2005"

Digital layout using (altered) Shabby Princess Halloween papers from their holiday sampler and the inked edges are from ScrapArtist.

Can I Play? (digital layout)

Here is a layout of Rachel at the bowling alley. I'm still trying to get a feel of what I can do with this program. I know there is so much I still need to learn, but what I love about it is that even though my knowledge and experience with it is limited, I can still produce!

Journaling reads: "Can I play? Rachel wants to bowl with the big girls, January 2006"

Products used: Sweet Sprinkles from Shabby Princess.

Kiss Me (digital layout)

This is my first digital layout. I just purchased Photoshop Elements 4, and am very happy with my purchase.

It took me two freakin days to figure out how to get the pictures into my new layer. I was following the direction for how to make a digital layout in my scrapbooking magazine, and it wasn't working. The directions were maybe from a different version, I don't know, but I was at the point where I was about to scream in frustration.

So, I finally figured it out. This layout didn't actually start as a layout, I was actually just trying to figure out how to add things and move things around. But, I have decided to keep it for now, because it is my first one. I may eventually rescrap it and place it next to this one, just to show how much I have learned. (OK, I'm still at the learning point, so I won't be rescrapping it today.)

The journaling reads: "Before bowling with Taylor, Elizabeth kissed her ball for good luck. It must have rocked, because her score rocked! February 2006"

It was a fun day, and I will have more photos to scrap of our adventures in the bowling alley, and the coffee shop afternoon that followed.

Supplies used: Sweet Sprinkles from Shabby Princess.

Hoffman Farm (paper layout)

My friend Tracey took these photographs from the bins at Hoffman Farms to use as background paper on our layouts. Of course, that was in 2004, I didn't finish my layout until now because I lost the photo that I wanted to display in the center. But I finally found it and, in fact, have organized all my photographs so that I won't be loosing any more pictures.

The picture is of Elizabeth sitting on a huge pumpkin. October, 2004

Monday, March 06, 2006

Celebrating Fall (paper layout)

Celebrating fall at Hoffman Dairy Farm in Canby. Every year they have a big contest to see who has grown the largest pumpkin, and we go check them out. The pumpkins are huge and they are so much fun to see.

I'm not completely satisfied with this layout and will probably ticker with it a little before it gets put into an album, but the overall look is there.

Here fishy, fishy (paper layout)

My first attempt at the doodling style of scrapbooking. I'm still trying to decide if I like it or not. I love the pictures of Elizabeth though. She still has that contagious smile, and just looking at those pictures of her playing in the boats at the lake makes me smile.