Thursday, November 30, 2006

Moving Sale

Tracey Gilbert Monette aka Clever Monkey Graphics is moving!

Beginning Sunday her designs will be available at Scrapbook-Elements, but for today only, all her designs are 50% off at Plain Digital Wrapper.

Go check them out! And then on Sunday go check out her new stuff at Scrapbook-Elements.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Santa, 2005

Here are my girls in their holiday sweaters last winter. Elizabeth was newly six years old and Rachel was just about 7 months old.

These fun holiday papers & elements are from Corina Nielsen’s ‘Urban Holiday’ kit (Funky Playground). The staples are from her burlap shapes kit. The tin foil is from Miss Mint. The silver painted paper bag alpha is by Ashley Olson.

Little Miss Outdoors

May you always love being outdoors. Rachel, June 10, 2005.

You were a very easy going baby. But during those few times when you were fussy, the only solution was to take you outside for a walk around the backyard. Even then you loved being outdoors.

Corina Nielsen: papers and paper strips from the ‘breeze’ paper pack. Buckle with ribbon from ‘cool buckles’. All available at Funky Playground Designs.

Gina Miller: stitching. Amy Martin: ribbon. Ashley Oslon: flower. Miss Mint: tin foil. Jen Wilson: journaling tag. Michelle Coleman: stamped alpha
Sledding on Mt. Hood

This page doesn’t really need journaling, because Elizabeth’s facial expression tells the whole story, lol.

This great template (quickest page I’ve ever done!) by Corina Nielsen is at Funky Playground. As is these fun papers (My Princess) and the felt flowers and that new cool clip (cute clippys). The thingz on stringz is by Natalie Braxton (on her blog). Top alpha by Miss Mint, lower alpha by Michelle Coleman. Thanks for looking!


Sweet Baby Girl

Just a sweet photo of Rachel as she was learning to crawl last winter.

All papers by Lucrecer Braxton (oScraps): filled with joy pack and so much cheer pack. Paint strokes by Nancie Rowe Janitz. Plumes by Anna Aspnes. Ribbons by Amy Martin. Flowers on string by Natalie Braxton. Tag by Katie Pertiet. Alpha by Jackie Eckles. Photo corner by Corina Nielsen.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

First Paper Pages

So I never expected to find myself a scrapbooker. I didn't like any of the pages I had seen, and had firmly stated you wouldn't find me doing that ... stuff.

Then I saw my friend Tracey's pages, and they were a style I had never seen before. They were cool. So I decided to scrap. Its funny too, because Tracey is the one that introduced me to digi scrapping as well, lol.

Well anyway, here are what my first paper pages looked like. And no, they didn't look anything like Tracey's pages looked, lol.

(I did more 2 page layouts, but didn't feel like scanning them in, lol. Also, my apologies for the sloppy scanning job.)

Most Recent Paper Pages

I haven't done many paper pages since I started digi scrapping, but here is what my most recent page looks like.

First Digi Pages

As long as I'm sharing my first paper layouts, I might as well share my first digi pages too. Made with a freebie kit from Shabby Princess.

Monday, November 20, 2006

My obit.

Ever wonder what your obituary will say? Here's what mine will say, apparently...

'What" will your obituary say?' at

Santa Claus

Santa Claus & Elizabeth

December 2005: When Shaun took Elizabeth Christmas shopping for me they stopped by to see Santa. Of course, this wasn’t the official Santa visit with her sister, so she got to see him twice last year. The journaling says, “Does visiting Santa twice mean you get more toys?” (Which I think is a very good question…)

This is a fun new kit called ‘Little Lady Holiday’ by Corina Nielsen available at Funky Playground Designs. Except the larger hanging snowflakes, which are in a new element pack called ‘Ribbon Flakes’, also by Corina and available at FPD. (the smaller flakes are in the Little Lady kit. I love the papers in this kit, it was like she made it just to match Elizabeth’s dress, lol. The staples are from Corina’s ‘Burlap’ shapes element pack. The stamped alpha is by Katie Pertiet, except for the ‘z’ and ‘&’ which are by Miss Mint.

Oregon Zoo

I managed to catch this photo of my dad, Rachel and the sea lion right before a crowd of school kids ran to the window.

Rachel, you loved spending the day at the zoo with Papa. Of course it wasn’t just the two of you. Mom, Dad, Mimi, Elizabeth and even Auntie Aimee spent the day with you at the zoo as well. But Papa was all about you on this trip to the zoo.

Rachel, 13 months. June 2006.

This is a new template (just slightly modified) by Corina Nielsen, which will be available in the near future at Funky Playground Designs. The ribbon heart with sequins is from Corina’s ‘Free Your Heart’ at the Digi Shoppe.

Tracey Gilbert Monette (clever monkey graphics) at PDW.
From the ‘beachcomber’ kit: background paper, tag.
From the ‘sea blue gerbera’ kit: the sparkly blue and black papers.
From ‘don’t be so negative’, the ‘r’.
The ‘zoo’ is from the painted notebook alpha.
The blue flower is not yet available
Jen Wilson: frame, glitter heart.

Snow Days

A photo of me ice skating when I was little. I’m thinking I was about 5 years old, but I’ll check with my Mom prior to printing.

Living in Alaska was such a treat as a child. We spent as much time outdoors as possible. During the summer I remember being so upset that I couldn’t stay up late and play ball outside with the rest of the neighborhood kids while the sun shined late into the night. But during the winter we enjoyed the snow and ice as much as we could. We even tried to build igloos in the front yard one time. We weren’t very successful, but we had so much fun trying.

I remember one day when my grandparents were visiting, I tried to walk through the yard to get to my grandpa. Unfortunately, the snow was too deep and I got stuck up to my waist. Fortunately, Grandpa was close by for a quick rescue.

I also remember one of the most fun activities of winter was when they pushed the snow from the street to the curb; we would get these huge mountains of snow that we spent hours climbing and playing on. We had such fun playing in the snow.

Another great memory was going ice skating. At that point in time I don’t think there was anything more thrilling than sliding across the ice on an outdoor rink with the cold air blowing across your face. Giving me and my brothers and sisters a love for ice skating.

Four years after moving to Anchorage my parents were transferred and we moved to Phoenix. Alaska and Arizona didn’t have many similarities, but we were still together, and we made many more fun memories in our new home. Although I was very young when we lived in Anchorage, I will always treasure the memories I have, and I will never forget the beauty that exists in Alaska.

Everything used here (except stitching and title alpha) is from the new collaborative kit by Corina Nielsen and Kimberly Giarrusso called ‘Little Man Holiday’ which is available at Funky Playground Designs. The stitching is by Katie Pertiet and the stamped alpha by Michelle Coleman and the inking is from Nancie Rowe Janitz.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I am having a ball being a guest on Corina Nielsen's creative team this month. Her kits are fun to work with. And keep your eyes open for all the Christmas kits coming out too. (Of course you know she is available at the Digi Shoppe. But you may or may not have knows she will also be available at Funky Playground Designs when it opens in the very near future.)

Just last week I didn't own any Christmas kits, and now I have several! Good thing I have only ever scrapped one of Elizabeth's 7 Christmases, lol.

And time to start making Christmas cards too!

Seems like school just barely started and next week is Thanksgiving already!

Crazy, crazy.

Super Model

Super Model (in training)

This photo of Rachel just cracks me up the way she is posed against the refrigerator.

This new template (very slightly modified) is by Corina Nielsen and will be available at FPD (Funky Playground Designs) real soon! All of the papers are also by Corina (Hot Toolbelt) and are currently available at the Digi Shoppe. The staple and tag (recolored) also by Corina. The stars are by Miss Mint, the paint by Nancie Rowe Janitz, the frame and glitter heart by Jen Wilson, the stamped alpha by Jackie Eckles.

Playing in the Slush

This is Elizabeth playing in the snow last December. Excuse me, not the snow, but the slush, lol.

This is a really fun new kit by Corina Nielsen called ‘My Princess’ which will be available soon at Funky Playground Designs. All of the papers and elements are from this new kit except: purple flower (recolored) is from Corina’s ‘funky bunch’ and the sequins were extracted from her ‘free your heart’ element pack. Stamped alpha is Michelle Coleman.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mini Golf Royalty

Rachel and her cousin posing with their golf clubs in front of the castle in the middle of a mini-golf game. Those crazy kids.

Everything here is from Corina Nielsen’s new kit called ‘My Prince’ which will be available in the near future at funky playground designs. (Note: the castle is my photograph.)

One Year

Ok, I'm totally aware that I have been scrapping more photos of Elizabeth than Rachel lately. My only excuse is that I have so many more photos of Elizabeth, and so many of Rachel's photos are blurry because she won't hold still. LOL

Here is a cute photo of Rachel sitting on the kitchen floor when she was twelve months old.

All these papers are from Corina Nielsen’s ‘Hot Toolbelt’ paper pack. The purple flower and flower chain is from Corina’s ‘Funky Bunch’ element pack and the felt flowers are from her ‘Felty Flowers 2’ pack. The burlap elements and staple are from Corina’s‘Burlap shapes’ pack; the buckle from her ‘Cool Buckles’ and the button from her ‘Cool Buttons’ element packs. The brushes are by Michelle Coleman and the stamped title is by Katie Pertiet.

Suburban Cowgirl

A couple photos of Elizabeth’s pony ride at a birthday party during July 2005.

Papers are all from IOD’s paper pack ‘Little Miss Lola Britches’, including the cutout paisley. The staple and tag are from IOD’s essentials kit. Stitches are from Zftamp; denim elements are from Miss Mint; burlap elements are from Corina Nielsen; flower from MoJackson; Inking and suburban alpha from Nancie Rowe Janitz; cowgirl alpha from Michelle Coleman.

Lion King of New York

This is one of several funny moments from our vacation.

On your second trip to New York, when you were three years old, we took you to see the Lion King on Broadway. After that you fell in love with both the characters and the story while also associating them both with New York.

When you were six years old we took you back to New York for vacation, once again. Upon our arrival in the city we drove past Union Square on our way to Gramercy Park. As we drove by, you suddenly shouted, “Look! It’s the Lion King! He has a Lion King hat on!”

Indeed, there was a man walking along with a most interesting headdress. It wasn’t a Lion King hat though; it was just a homeless man with a creative sense of style. A style that included caution tape hanging down his back like a lion’s mane.

But Elizabeth, you are so observant, and we all agreed that we definitely saw the Lion King walking down the street in New York City.

Background paper by Sausan Designs. Tape frame by Jackie Eckles. Cardboard and duct tape elements by Miss Mint. Burlap elements by Corina Nielsen. Torn circle by Anna Aspnes. Paint brush and stamped alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz.


Astounded by your beauty inside and out.

Papers are from Corina Nielsen’s new kit called ‘Return’. Also from that kit is the button, tag and leaf. The burlap elements and staples are from Corina’s ‘Burlap Shapes’ element pack. The overlay and brush stroke are from Nancie Rowe Janitz. The plume is by Anna Aspnes. The stamped alpha is by Jackie Eckles. The fringe template (in Corina’s paper) is by Kristy Ann Designs. The frame is by Katie Pertiet.

Big Bird

Big BIRD Attack!

During the summer of 2005 you accompanied Daddy on a business trip down the Oregon Coast. While on your little trip you made a few detours to keep your excitement going strong. While in Southern Oregon you and Daddy went to a ‘drive through’ wildlife preserve where you were able to get out of your car seat, hop in the front, and check out all kinds of interesting animals. At one point an ostrich came over to the car and started pecking, rather ferociously, at the window where you were sitting. This certainly made an impression on you, because the first thing you said to me when you arrived home from your trip was, “a really BIG bird attacked us!”

Lots of Corina Nielsen goodies here: all of the papers are from Corina’s cool ‘Lavender Field’ paper pack. The felt flowers are from Corina’s ‘felty flowers 2’. The burlap element & staple are from her ‘burlap shapes’ pack. The sequin tie was extracted from a ‘cool buckle’, also by Corina. The tin foil is from Miss Mint; title stamped alpha from Michelle Coleman; other stamped alpha from Katie Pertiet.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Little Miss Lola Britches

We got a new puppy last weekend. And thanks to IOD naming their most recent paper pack 'Little Miss Lola Britches', I had the name Lola stuck in my head.

We were going to call her Hazel, but since Elizabeth couldn't remember that one, we decided to call her Lola.

(she's lab/hound mix and 8 weeks old)

Sunday, November 05, 2006

My Dreamer

This photo doesn’t have a story behind it, it’s blurry, and the lighting is bad, but I love it anyway. So here it is!

All the papers in this are from the new paper pack ‘Little Miss Lola Britches’ by Iron Orchid Designs (IOD). All the stitching is from Zftamp. The blue edges and yellow cutouts are (IOD paper) from a Michelle Coleman template. The title is Schmootzy Alpha by Nancie Rowe Janitz.

Changing Seasons

You have a strong streak of determination inside you Elizabeth, and although you have always shown us that streak, it reached a peak at only 6 1/2 years old.

You recently won a battle of wills against Dad regarding the length of your hair, and now a new battle has begun. You want to use the name ‘Liz’ and Daddy doesn’t want you to change your name. Now I prefer Elizabeth too, but I know you and I know your determination. So on the first day of first grade I told your teacher that you had permission to use the name ‘Liz’, but I didn’t tell you or Daddy this. I just sat back and waited and watched.

The second week of school you started bringing home your work with the name ‘Liz’ on it, and I just silently smiled at your strength of will. Then on the day of your seventh birthday party, one of the mothers of your school friends called you ‘Liz’, and I realized that things were changing.

Later that day I asked you about it, and you grinned and said, “Yeah, and my teacher is finally calling me ‘Liz’ too!”

Changes happen so fast. But no matter the length of your hair or the name you choose to use, your Dad and I love you. And we both love your individuality, your strength and your determination.

I used Corina Nielsen’s cool new kit ‘Return’ (the Digi Shoppe). The only exceptions would be the burlap heart and staples come from Corina’s ‘Burlap Shapes’ element kit and the crochet flower come from her ‘Funky Bunch’ element pack. The paint strokes are by SMD.