Sunday, November 05, 2006

Changing Seasons

You have a strong streak of determination inside you Elizabeth, and although you have always shown us that streak, it reached a peak at only 6 1/2 years old.

You recently won a battle of wills against Dad regarding the length of your hair, and now a new battle has begun. You want to use the name ‘Liz’ and Daddy doesn’t want you to change your name. Now I prefer Elizabeth too, but I know you and I know your determination. So on the first day of first grade I told your teacher that you had permission to use the name ‘Liz’, but I didn’t tell you or Daddy this. I just sat back and waited and watched.

The second week of school you started bringing home your work with the name ‘Liz’ on it, and I just silently smiled at your strength of will. Then on the day of your seventh birthday party, one of the mothers of your school friends called you ‘Liz’, and I realized that things were changing.

Later that day I asked you about it, and you grinned and said, “Yeah, and my teacher is finally calling me ‘Liz’ too!”

Changes happen so fast. But no matter the length of your hair or the name you choose to use, your Dad and I love you. And we both love your individuality, your strength and your determination.

I used Corina Nielsen’s cool new kit ‘Return’ (the Digi Shoppe). The only exceptions would be the burlap heart and staples come from Corina’s ‘Burlap Shapes’ element kit and the crochet flower come from her ‘Funky Bunch’ element pack. The paint strokes are by SMD.

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