Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Little Romantic

On the last day of pre-school Rachel told a boy that she loved him.  He looked at her, then he turned and ran away without saying anything to her. She was heartbroken.  She actually worried over the summer that she wouldn't be able to find a husband. (She even cried, lol)

Yes, Rachel is my little romantic.

Then she made up this story:

Once upon  time there was a girl dragon.She flew over the valley and though the woods. Then one day she found a boy dragon and she fell in love with him. She asked him to marry her, but he said he was already married and flew away.

She was very sad. 

She continued to fly over the valley and through the woods until one day she came across another boy dragon who was very sad.  She asked him what was wrong and he told her that he couldn't find a girlfriend.  So the girl dragon said, 'I'll be your girlfriend'! 

And they lived happily ever after.

She told variations of this story all summer long to anyone who would listen, it was very cute.  :)

Well, after three weeks of kindergarten Rachel has found a new boy that she likes. She told me on Monday that she was in love with him and was going to tell him that she loved him the next day at school.

So the next day after school she excitedly told me that she told Ty she loves him.

She went up to him a recess and said, 'Ty, I felled in love with you.'

Ty smiled at her, then he giggled and said, 'what'?  And then he rolled his eyes at her. 

She says that when he rolled his eyes, his eyes were falling in love with her eyes. LOL

And best of all, Rachel says that Daddy and Mommy are invited to the wedding.  :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Introducing Gramercy Park

When I was a child I always pictured New York as a 'concrete jungle', a place without much nature and certainly not any trees. For some reason, this picture of New York stayed with me, despite seeing it displayed differently in the media. So when I finally went to New York I remembered being surprised at all the nature within this huge city, and even more surprised at the size of Central Park. This kit is inspired by a special place in New York called Gramercy Park; the last locked park in the city. If you are lucky enough to know someone with a key you can stroll the paths through this beautiful garden, watch the birds play and look at art while surrounded by one of the most fabulous cities in the world.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Need a little rock and roll in your scrapping life?

I haven't scrapped this story yet, but I suppose I should. We have convinced my daughter that when her dad and I met, her dad was a completely different kind of a person.

She believes that he had long hair (well, this part is true), wore tight leather pants with ties up the side and his skin exposed under those ties, big platform shoes, a shirt open to the waist and lots and lots of make up. You know, like those guys in KISS.  Yes, we started telling her that when she was perhaps six years old and now that she is almost eleven years old she continues to believe it. LOL, she has heard the story so many times that she doesn't doubt it for a second, LOL. 

I think she realizes the rest of the story isn't true though... About how we met during an all day detention in high school (the Breakfast Club) and I was having a terrible day because my whole family forgot my birthday (16 Candles) and we wanted to date but we were from different sides of the track (Pretty in Pink) and we had to work through that to get together at the prom.  And one time we had a big fight and Shaun came to my house and he stood outside my window, holding a boom box up over his head playing music until I came out and forgave him (Say Anything)

I could keep going, but I think I got off track, lol.

I meant to lead up to my new products, so let me go ahead and share...
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

First Day of School (and a little preview)

The first day of school was yesterday, Elizabeth began fifth grade and Rachel began kindergarten. This year the school district changed things up though and the kinder kids won't be going half days five days a week, instead they go a full day two days a week plus designated Fridays. So not only did she begin kindergarten yesterday, but she went all day. I was a nervous wreck, lol.

Shaun took me to the movies and out to lunch, but the rest of the time my stomach was in a knot. (We saw Dinner for Schmucks, it was quite funny.)

But she was so excited, both girls were very excited to start school. Elizabeth was a little disappointed that her best friend wasn't in her class this year, but Rachel was lucky and her best friend is in her class. That made sending her a little easier.

When the girls arrived home they were all smiles. Elizabeth loves her teacher, apparently he is very funny.  And Rachel said it was 'very, very, super exciting'.  Her teacher stamped a little love heart on their hands and told them that was in case they got worried they would be able to hold it up to their cheeks and remember that their mommies and daddies loved them.

I asked Rachel if she had been worried at all during the day. She said that the only thing she had been worried about was me being by myself all day, lol. I was really beginning to think that she didn't miss me much during the day until after dinner she climbed up on me and held on tight and repeated over and over 'I missed you, I missed you, I missed you'.  Break my heart, I missed her too.  But I have her home with me today! :) lol

Okay, here are the girls first day of school photos:

Rachel was so funny though when I was tyring to take photos of her before school. In the first photo she was stiff as a board, so I told her to act natural.  Then  took a series of hilarious photos of her trying to act natural, lol.  I had to scrap it right away and the cute little vest she was wearing (with skulls all over it) was perfect for working with my newest products which are hitting the stores tomorrow (Fuse Paper Pack, Urban Teen Paper Pack, Rock Star elements).  Everything in the page is from the kit except the frames, those are from On The Road elements. (click to see the photos bigger)

Okay, I'm off to play with Rachel now that I have her home for the day!  :)

Monday, September 06, 2010

The way I travel

Yes, we do fly sometimes, but most of our family vacations include road trips. In fact even when we fly back East we include a road trip; we drive to Niagra Falls, Washington DC, Boston, etc.  It's just what we do. :)

So of course, a kit specifically for road trips is not out of the question ,is it?  LOL

But before I show you the kit, let me show you one of my favorite  photos taken from the front seat of a moving car, and very appropriate too since tomorow is our first day of school...

LOL, that cracks me up every time I see it.  :)

Okay, here it is, On The Road from PICK A PAPER by Alissa Jones and available during the month of September at Funky Playground Designs.