Thursday, September 09, 2010

Need a little rock and roll in your scrapping life?

I haven't scrapped this story yet, but I suppose I should. We have convinced my daughter that when her dad and I met, her dad was a completely different kind of a person.

She believes that he had long hair (well, this part is true), wore tight leather pants with ties up the side and his skin exposed under those ties, big platform shoes, a shirt open to the waist and lots and lots of make up. You know, like those guys in KISS.  Yes, we started telling her that when she was perhaps six years old and now that she is almost eleven years old she continues to believe it. LOL, she has heard the story so many times that she doesn't doubt it for a second, LOL. 

I think she realizes the rest of the story isn't true though... About how we met during an all day detention in high school (the Breakfast Club) and I was having a terrible day because my whole family forgot my birthday (16 Candles) and we wanted to date but we were from different sides of the track (Pretty in Pink) and we had to work through that to get together at the prom.  And one time we had a big fight and Shaun came to my house and he stood outside my window, holding a boom box up over his head playing music until I came out and forgave him (Say Anything)

I could keep going, but I think I got off track, lol.

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Jodie said...

You those of us that knew Shaun back then, your description of him does not sound so far off from the!

You MUST scrap your story. I did a whole book for my husband for a Christmas present, and the kids won't leave it alone....