Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Some 'Dreamer' pages

Hello, these are my most recent pages that I have completed using products from Little Dreamer Designs. I hope you didn't miss their big anniversary sale and all the prizes they handed out through the week in conjunction with their sale and blog challenges. It was a fun week.

One of the challenges was for people to challenge the creative team. The challenge that I did was to create a digital time capsule. That was a fun challenge, so that was the one that I picked. You can check out my page below, it's called My World.

The Lost Egg, credits/journaling here.
My World, credits/journaling here.

I recently did a quiz about the type of mother I am, and I wasn't at all surprised by the results, lol. I can't get the graphic to show up correctly, so here is the result in text format.

"You're a punk rock mommy! DIY is probably your motto, because you're a punk mama at heart. Your kids are getting your independent spirit and guts, and learning to solve problems themselves. You love it when they show their independence, even when it's breaking your heart."

It definitely hit it on the head when it says I love watching my girls' independent spirit. And I'll change the last phrase from 'even when it breaks your heart' to even when it destroys my house, lol.

Have I ever mentioned that my 2 year old is wild? In fact, one day my sister told me,'You don't need a boy, you have Rachel.' And she was right, lol.

Okay, here are a few more Little Dreamer pages to check out, and they are all about my Rachel.

Snow White Skates, credits/journaling here.
Pals, credits/journaling here.

Escape Artist, credits/journaling here.

Have a great day!

Key words: Michelle Coleman, Heidi Larsen, Jackie Eckles, Leora Sanford, Little Dreamer Designs Hullabaloo.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back

That seems to be a popular title for me, lol.

I am still busy getting ready to move, but I am back to scrapping as well. I took the whole month of March off from all of my creative teams and didn't scrap a single page. It was kind of refreshing, lol.

But I haven't had the extra time to post here, so... I have a few pages to share. :)

One of my first pages back was about a leprechaun trap that Elizabeth and I made for a school project. It was pretty fun and came together pretty quick. But the night before St. Patrick's Day, my little girl had a really hard time sleeping, thinking she was hearing leprechaun feet all night long, lol. Too funny. Credits and journaling.

I love holidays, and really any time I can mess with my kids, lol. Those tricky leprechauns.

Next is a page featuring the first song that my dd wrote (the music). One proud mama here! Credits and journaling for Musician here.

Oh, and I guess as long as we're talking about messing with my kids (cough), here is a joke my dad pulled on my daughter that is pretty funny. Credits and journaling for April Fools here.

Okay, I have many more pages to post, but I'm out of time. I'll be back! :)