Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm back

That seems to be a popular title for me, lol.

I am still busy getting ready to move, but I am back to scrapping as well. I took the whole month of March off from all of my creative teams and didn't scrap a single page. It was kind of refreshing, lol.

But I haven't had the extra time to post here, so... I have a few pages to share. :)

One of my first pages back was about a leprechaun trap that Elizabeth and I made for a school project. It was pretty fun and came together pretty quick. But the night before St. Patrick's Day, my little girl had a really hard time sleeping, thinking she was hearing leprechaun feet all night long, lol. Too funny. Credits and journaling.

I love holidays, and really any time I can mess with my kids, lol. Those tricky leprechauns.

Next is a page featuring the first song that my dd wrote (the music). One proud mama here! Credits and journaling for Musician here.

Oh, and I guess as long as we're talking about messing with my kids (cough), here is a joke my dad pulled on my daughter that is pretty funny. Credits and journaling for April Fools here.

Okay, I have many more pages to post, but I'm out of time. I'll be back! :)

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