Sunday, July 30, 2006

Belly Flop Challenge # 2

Easter Peeps.
Elizabeth: Easter 2006.

(See earlier belly flop challenge for challenge details.)

Another entry into the ‘belly flop’ challenge at Scrap Artist. I had no intention of scrapping this photo, even though I really liked it, because it is blurry and the lighting is weird. So I was happy to have an excuse to scrap this photo (that I took after accidentally moving the settings on my camera with my thumb).

Papers are from Iron Orchid Designs Pied a Terre paper pack and Pied a Terre Blush (including the cutouts). Metro alpha brush is by Jackie Eckels.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Walk on the Beach

Walk on the beach. (Long Beach, WA 8.2003).

Journaling: “In August on 2003 Auntie Audra and I took you, Karenna and Kenan camping on the beach without the dads. We had a great time, but you girls could not walk on the beach without getting soaked!”

All papers and elements from the beautiful ‘Beachcombers’ kit by Tracey Gilbert Monette (Clever Monkey Graphics) now available at Plain Digital Wrapper. Hand stamped alpha by Michelle Coleman.

Belly Flop Challenge (Scrap Artist)

Belly Flop Challenge:

Here’s the ScrapArtist challenge: scrap a photo that you wouldn’t normally scrap because of it’s lack of perfection (which is a nice way of saying a 'bad picture').

Here is my photo: My husband, though he tries, is not a master photographer, lol.
1. Half of my head is missing.
2. Ever wonder what the siding of my house looks like? Here you go, you really didn’t need to see the beautiful Rhododendrons in the background, the house is much better.
3. Oh, do I have lawn chairs propped against the side of the house? Oops.

Journaling: “My mom taught me to love art. My hope is that I am passing that passion on to you.” Elizabeth and Mom, 8/2001.

I used Tracey Gilbert Monette’s (Clever Monkey Graphics) kit called Artist No. 1, except for the bottles of paint which is from Artist No. 2, both available at Plain Digital Wrapper. The grunge brushes used for blending the background are from the designing with digital CD.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Digi pick of the day...

was my 'first bowl' layout! Woopee! LOL

Digi Pick of the Day: 7/27

It's official!

Tracey Gilbert Monette is selling her stuff at Plain Digital Wrapper! (and people are already buying...)

Tracey's store

Congratulations Tracey!!!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

First Bowl


Your first time bowling was at Taylor’s sixth birthday party in January of 2006. I was amazed at how well you did. Apparently you’ve seen some bowling on TV before because you had great form. While the other girls walked over and gently put their ball down, or did the granny drop, you briskly walked over, swung your arm and rolled your ball hard and fast. Your great form got you the best scores of the party!

This was created with Tracey Montte’s (Clever Monkey Graphics) ‘Girls Go Bowling’ kit available in the next few days at PlainDigitalWrapper. Everything is from her very colorful and fun kit except the cream paper, which is from her ‘U Pick Blueberry’ kit. Font is pea Jean.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Whidbey Island Ferry

Whidbey Island Ferry.

Elizabeth; August 2005.
Normally when we head to Whidbey Island we take the Deception Pass Bridge. But last summer we wanted to give Elizabeth a little treat, so we took the ferry instead. She was so excited and loved it so much that I think all trips to the Island may have to be way of the ferry instead of the bridge from now on.

This cool paper, ribbons and sea elements are from Tracey Gilbert Monette’s (Clever Monkey Graphics) new ‘beachcomber’ kit which will be available within the next few days at Plain Digital Wrapper.

The ‘exciting’ chipboard is from Jen Wilson. The large photo was blended into the paper using ‘color burn’ and then I used the grunge brush from the Designing with Digital book/CD by Rhonda for further blending into the paper.

My Little Helper

So, while I was scrapbooking yesterday, Elizabeth decided she was going to take a break from practicing her writing and clean the kitchen floor for me. She's so sweet that way.

She got out the Dawn dish soap and soaped up the floor and then dried it off with a towel. LOL

Isn't she just a doll? How can you not love such a little mama's helper? LOL

New Siggy

Ok, I got my IOD siggy!

Finger Painting!

Finger Paint.
Elizabeth, 22 months, 8/2001.

Ok, I actually ripped this photo off of a paper scrapped page. My plan wasn’t to rescrap paper pages, but I can’t help myself, LOL.

Quote: “Color in a picture is like enthusiasm in life.” Vincent VanGogh.

Tracey Gilbert Monette (Clever Monkey Graphics): From the ‘Artist No. 2’ kit, papers and elements available at Plain Digital Wrapper. Title font is ‘stencil’ and is recovered in patterned paper. If you notice that great little paint caddy in the corner of the photo, that is actually one of the embellishments included in the kit, too cute!

Other: Tape by IOD, paint brush strokes by Meredith Fenwick, written font is pea Sara Script.

Monday, July 24, 2006


Blueberry Season.
A few shots of Rachel’s first blueberries; she loved them!

All paper and elements from the ‘u-pick blueberry’ by Tracey Gilbert Monette (Clever Monkey Graphics) available at Plain Digital Wrapper within the next few days! Inking by Atomic Cupcake.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


“Elizabeth kissed the ball for good luck and it must have worked because her score rocked!” and “Elizabeth and Taylor Spring Break 2006”

All papers and elements from Tracey Monette’s (Clever Monkey Graphics) fun and colorful ‘Girls Go Bowling’ kit available at PlainDigitalWrapper. The paint strokes are by Meredith Fenwick and Ronna Farrer. Font is pea Jean.

Like Teenagers

While driving to a friends house for a playdate the other day, one of my all time favorites came on the radio, the Violent Femmes. So, of course, I turned the music up.

Elizabeth immediately asks me to roll down the windows, and since it was not too cold nor warm, I obliged. Then, she asked me to turn the music up, why not. Then she asked me to turn it up louder, ok.

So there we are with the windows down and the music up, and Elizabeth is just sitting in her seat giggling. All giggles.

When the song was over I turned it down again, and asked what the giggles were all about. She was so giddy, because we were behaving like teenagers, lol. Driving down the street with the windows down and the music up.

Just like teenagers, lol.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Did you hear the news?

Plain Digital Wrapper has announced the list of new designers they are adding to their store. Tracey aka Clever Monkey Graphics is on that list! She'll be uploading products to PDW very soon!

I'm so excited, congratulations Tracey!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Clever Monkey Graphics

I am the first official creative team member of Clever Monkey Graphics! (I have a feeling a store announcement is coming very soon...)

That makes two creative teams for me, and I think that is enough! I'm happy to be working with designers that I think are wonderfully talented, yeah!

**Edited to add: LOL, as soon as I say that I receive an e-mail from another designer asking me to be on their team. Boy, I'm having a good ego month, lol!

Every Day

Everyday with you is an adventure. Elizabeth, June 2006.

Finding your daughter in the shower with goggles on is a great way to start the day.

IRON ORCHID DESIGNS (IOD): papers from the ‘Room at San Salvatore’ paper pack.

Other: I used the ‘playing around’ circle brush from ScrapArtist for the circle which was recovered in IOD paper. The font is Times New Roman, which is recovered in IOD paper for the main word ‘adventure’. I made the rain drops and covered them in IOD paper. I used color burn for the effect on the additional type.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Secret Romance

Secret Romance

When my mom and dad began dating, they did so in secret because she was an officer on staff and he was a cadet in training. They used to sneak off campus and meet at Blum’s for ice cream. One of my mom’s favorite dates was when they hiked across the Golden Gate Bridge for a picnic in the park on the other side. The ‘to do’ list in the layout reads: sneak off campus, meet at Blum’s for ice cream, hike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Captain Jeanine Wheeler and Cadet Jerry Gaines, the Salvation Army College for Officer Training, San Francisco, 1964.

IRON ORCHID DESIGNS (IOD): paper from Bramble Manor, inked edges.

Other: Jackie Eckles: metro alpha brush. Clever Monkey Graphics: ink blots. DDE: to do list.

Friday, July 14, 2006


Its funny how Blogger doesn't have the word 'blog' in it's spell check dictionary. LOL

Clever Monkey Graphics

Tracey has finished a few kits, and has about 20 more she's working on. Check her blog to see them, they are pretty cool. I can't wait to work with them.

Daddy's Girl

Rachel is such a daddy's girl. She adores him.

Daddy’s Girl.
Rachel and Shaun playing in the backyard. July 11, 2006.

Kim Christensen: papers, cutout flowers.
ScrapGirls (Artist’s Journal): cardboard, ‘beautiful days’ strip, bird (recovered in KC paper).
Jen Wilson: plastic flower.
Designer Digitals: frame.
Summer Simmons: ‘playful’ word art (Bohemian Summer).
Font: Pea Sara

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Photo Challenge - DST

Ok DST girls, here is my contribution to the photo challenge.

Shades of orange.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Iron Orchid Designs (IOD)

Check out this announcement: Iron Orchid Designs .

They picked me to be on their creative team!!!

When I received my letter I had to read it three time before it clicked that I was receiving a 'yes' letter rather than a 'no' letter, lol. IOD is one of the best designers in the digi scrapbooking business. Their papers have such wonderful texture and colors. I'm so excited! (Big smiles!)

And to think, I almost didn't apply, almost talked myself out of it. Ok, I did talk myself out of it, several times, but I also kept talking myself back into giving it a try. Glad I did.

Here is the link to their store: Iron Orchid Designs at ScrapArtist

Monday, July 10, 2006

For Melissa

Here are a few layouts I did to include in an album for a sick little girl named Melissa in Georgia. She has Gorham Stout disease and it has severely affected her spine. Scrappers from Scrapbook Bytes got together yesterday for an online speed scrap to get an album completed yesterday, and here are the pages I was able to complete. (All posted with parental permission.)

1. Silly Girls
Shabby Princess: background paper with a photo filter.
Summer Simmons (Sugar Giggle): patterned & colored papers, tag.
Jen Wilson: Flowers.
KristyAnn Nernes: Arrow (recovered in Summer SimmonsÂ’ paper).

2. Let Your Love Shine
Michelle Underwood: quick page from shine kit.

3. Koi Pond
Kim Christensen: papers (warm # 4).
Meredith Fenwick: paint stroke, glitter brown bag flower.
HuniBuni: girl doodle (oodles of doodles).

Friday, July 07, 2006

Time Flies

Some childhood photos of my Dad when he was a baby, pre-schooler and grammar school age. As you can see, he was born with a head of blonde, blonde hair. It didn't turn it's current color of black until he was an adult.... just in case you wanted to know, lol.

And everyone that knows him is aware of his connection to air planes. Grandpa Woody loved his planes, and my dad did have a pilots license at one time.

Time Flies
Jerry Wilson Gaines: 1940, 1944, 1949

Jen Wilson: green papers (living series: grow).
K. Balint: lined paper (cameron’s toy box).
Maya: toy plane (lil buddy kit).
Miss Mint: tin foil stars.
Veronica Ponce: dotted paper used as overlay (Moment in Time page set)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Recognizing Robert

Elizabeth has her craft area decorated with posters I drew of Woody and Jessie (for her third birthday party).

Over my tables I have a variety of items, one of which is a painting of Robert Smith of the Cure that I did in high school.

One day Elizabeth and I were watching VH1 Classic when a Cure video came on. Elizabeth, 6 years old, immediately recognized Robert Smith as the guy from my painting. LOL, first of all I was surprised that she did, but now I'm just proud of her for recognizing one of the my all time favorites so quickly! Of course, we are talking about the same 6 year old that walks around the house singing the lyrics from songs by the Ramones, lol.

Here is a photo of Robert Smith off the web, for those of you that, sadly, just don't know who he is, lol.

Monday, July 03, 2006

When we met...

I told Elizabeth that when Shaun and I met he used to dress like the guys in KISS, and in fact he even wore the make-up and big boots.

She, of course, believes me, and thinks that her Daddy is a wierdo. ROFL

**Edited to add that this is not me in the photo, lol. I found this photo on the web.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

One of Each

One of Each. 1980.

Someone once asked my Dad how many children he had, and after answering five, they asked how many of each kind. One of each, he answered.

Jen Wilson: papers, ribbon, note cards, glitter hearts.
IOD: inked edges.
Gina Miller: yarn circle stitches.
Alphas: Katie Pertiet and Dani B.