Saturday, July 29, 2006

Belly Flop Challenge (Scrap Artist)

Belly Flop Challenge:

Here’s the ScrapArtist challenge: scrap a photo that you wouldn’t normally scrap because of it’s lack of perfection (which is a nice way of saying a 'bad picture').

Here is my photo: My husband, though he tries, is not a master photographer, lol.
1. Half of my head is missing.
2. Ever wonder what the siding of my house looks like? Here you go, you really didn’t need to see the beautiful Rhododendrons in the background, the house is much better.
3. Oh, do I have lawn chairs propped against the side of the house? Oops.

Journaling: “My mom taught me to love art. My hope is that I am passing that passion on to you.” Elizabeth and Mom, 8/2001.

I used Tracey Gilbert Monette’s (Clever Monkey Graphics) kit called Artist No. 1, except for the bottles of paint which is from Artist No. 2, both available at Plain Digital Wrapper. The grunge brushes used for blending the background are from the designing with digital CD.

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