Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Whidbey Island Ferry

Whidbey Island Ferry.

Elizabeth; August 2005.
Normally when we head to Whidbey Island we take the Deception Pass Bridge. But last summer we wanted to give Elizabeth a little treat, so we took the ferry instead. She was so excited and loved it so much that I think all trips to the Island may have to be way of the ferry instead of the bridge from now on.

This cool paper, ribbons and sea elements are from Tracey Gilbert Monette’s (Clever Monkey Graphics) new ‘beachcomber’ kit which will be available within the next few days at Plain Digital Wrapper.

The ‘exciting’ chipboard is from Jen Wilson. The large photo was blended into the paper using ‘color burn’ and then I used the grunge brush from the Designing with Digital book/CD by Rhonda for further blending into the paper.

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