Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Recognizing Robert

Elizabeth has her craft area decorated with posters I drew of Woody and Jessie (for her third birthday party).

Over my tables I have a variety of items, one of which is a painting of Robert Smith of the Cure that I did in high school.

One day Elizabeth and I were watching VH1 Classic when a Cure video came on. Elizabeth, 6 years old, immediately recognized Robert Smith as the guy from my painting. LOL, first of all I was surprised that she did, but now I'm just proud of her for recognizing one of the my all time favorites so quickly! Of course, we are talking about the same 6 year old that walks around the house singing the lyrics from songs by the Ramones, lol.

Here is a photo of Robert Smith off the web, for those of you that, sadly, just don't know who he is, lol.

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Koba HIzaki said...

I'm glad that people of the younger generation are listening to REAL music!