Monday, July 17, 2006

Secret Romance

Secret Romance

When my mom and dad began dating, they did so in secret because she was an officer on staff and he was a cadet in training. They used to sneak off campus and meet at Blum’s for ice cream. One of my mom’s favorite dates was when they hiked across the Golden Gate Bridge for a picnic in the park on the other side. The ‘to do’ list in the layout reads: sneak off campus, meet at Blum’s for ice cream, hike across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Captain Jeanine Wheeler and Cadet Jerry Gaines, the Salvation Army College for Officer Training, San Francisco, 1964.

IRON ORCHID DESIGNS (IOD): paper from Bramble Manor, inked edges.

Other: Jackie Eckles: metro alpha brush. Clever Monkey Graphics: ink blots. DDE: to do list.

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