Friday, November 10, 2006

Big Bird

Big BIRD Attack!

During the summer of 2005 you accompanied Daddy on a business trip down the Oregon Coast. While on your little trip you made a few detours to keep your excitement going strong. While in Southern Oregon you and Daddy went to a ‘drive through’ wildlife preserve where you were able to get out of your car seat, hop in the front, and check out all kinds of interesting animals. At one point an ostrich came over to the car and started pecking, rather ferociously, at the window where you were sitting. This certainly made an impression on you, because the first thing you said to me when you arrived home from your trip was, “a really BIG bird attacked us!”

Lots of Corina Nielsen goodies here: all of the papers are from Corina’s cool ‘Lavender Field’ paper pack. The felt flowers are from Corina’s ‘felty flowers 2’. The burlap element & staple are from her ‘burlap shapes’ pack. The sequin tie was extracted from a ‘cool buckle’, also by Corina. The tin foil is from Miss Mint; title stamped alpha from Michelle Coleman; other stamped alpha from Katie Pertiet.

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