Wednesday, March 08, 2006

First Shower (digital layout)

Journaling reads: "Rachel took her first shower with Daddy when she was 4 weeks old. On that summer day in June of 2005, Rachel began to love water. In particular, she loves to be in water with Daddy. Try putting her in the shower with Mommy, and she screams. Put her in the shower with Daddy, and it is all giggles and fun. "

You may be able to tell, but I absolutely love the facial expression on Rachel in the first page. Which is of course, why I used that picture so many times.

Products used:
Paper: the Dirty Skirt line designed by Kim Christensen (scrapbook_Bytes).
Chipboard: the Silly Flower kit designed by Kim Crothers (scrapbook_bytes)
Flowers: the Pinky Pie kit designed by G.Miller (Scrapbook_Bytes)

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