Sunday, June 10, 2007

a little bit of wild life

Guess what? This week I am the guest blogger at Nancy Comelab's blog, You should definitely run over there, because I tried really hard to be much more interesting than I am over here, LOL. And because I have a fun challenge with a Nancy prize.

Check me out here at Nancy's blog. Monday through Sunday, June 11-17, 2007.

I just wanted to put up a few pages real quick of Elizabeth at a walk-though safari in Southern Oregon. These photos are actually taken one year apart, but you might have a hard time figuring that out because she is wearing the same shirt during both visits, LOL. I actually have more photos from the safari that I still want to scrap, they are actually the best photos too. I have a hard time scrapping photos that I love, I am always afraid that I will ruin them. Isn't it funny that I still have that fear of ruining them even when I am doing it digitally? LOL, some things just can't be explained.

These photos are from 2006 and I used Lori Barnhurst's Kid Couture kit at Little Dreamer Designs. Check here for full credits.

The photos in this page are from 2005. The adult cats were in cages, but I still was a little freaked when I saw how big that tiger cub was that she was petting, LOL. No, I wasn't with her, this was a special trip she took with her dad. So when I saw the size of that tiger, my heart did leap just a little. Check here for credits.

Now don't forget to visit me at Nancy's blog!


Moni said...

*LOL* Alissa your are so funny :-)
I will visit you every day at Nancy`s Blog!!!
Love the pics of Elizabeth and she`s very taff and courageous!!


P.S. thank you soooo much for your love on my side Alissa!! I enjoy it very much *mwuah*

Michelle-mimsmom said...

I did the same thing with Logan's shirt for school pictures- he wore the same one for 2 years in a row. But it was interesting because you could tell how much he's grown- in the first one you couldn't see his elbow and in the second the sleeve is way short.
Those are some great pages, as usual.
Have a great time with your "guest blogging"- lucky!

Tara (aka AbbysMomma) said...

LOVE those layouts!

Antje said...

Great layouts and photos, too.
Now i´ll go over to nancy´s blog and take a look.

Nancy Comelab said...

Wonderful layouts, Alissa! Aw... that tiger indeed looks rather big!
It is so great having you as a guest blogger, girl! Thanks so much!

MissHuniBuni said...

gorgeous lo's and kits :)