Friday, June 29, 2012

New products and a poem

First business, then pleasure. ;)


New products from Alissa Jones @ ScrapMatters

Travel Time/ European Holiday combo deal by Alissa Jones

Ollie by Alissa Jones

She Said by Alissa Jones










And last week I introduced, but didn't blog...

European Holiday by Alissa Jones

Lost in Asia by Alissa Jones











And some layouts...













Now, I must share with you a poem that my sweet 7 year old daughter wrote.

My hair is smooth like dirt
My eyes are like the blue sky
My skin is like a creamy shell
My mouth is red like a kite
My legs are strong like a horse
I live on a farm and I eat chicken
by Rachel

Somebody must have helped her with her spelling on that one. :)

Here's one more:

I wish that I was a horse (wuz a hores)
I wish that I got all the ice cream I could eat (git all the ickream I eat)
I wish that I ran the zoo
I wish that I had the longest hair (logit har)
I wish that I was a zebra
I wish that it was peaceful (psfull)
I wish that I am beautiful (butfoll)
I wish that it was always hot (oyes hot)
I wish that I was a princess (yuz a pissas)
by Rachel

How can you not love poetry by a first grader?  :)

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