Thursday, February 07, 2008


I hate coming up with titles for blog entries. Why is it I can come up with a page title, but not a blog entry title? Of course I guess my titles aren't all that creative, but still they are better then 'hmmm'.

Product alert: Have you seen these new paper cuts from Sausan Designs? They are so cool and yet delicate and pretty. I've used them on my New Sisters page below and I think they finish the page perfectly.

And how about these beautiful flowers by Jofia Designs? I bought 'em but haven't used them yet. I think I should put that on my 'to do' list for today!

Valentines Day... This year, my 8 yo daughter wrote a letter to a boy in her class and signed it 'from your secret emirer', LOL. I scanned it before she gave it to him so I can do a page about crushes and include her secret love letter. :) Nothing is sacred in my house!
Which reminds me of a cute story.
There has been this boy on her bus that has been driving my daughter crazy for almost 2 years. He is in the third grade and she is in the second grade. She calls him her 'arch enemy' because he is always 'bullying' her (aka bothering, lol). We keep telling her that he probably only bugs her because he likes her, because that is what boys do at that age.
Well, a few weeks ago, just as she was getting off the bus she paused next to his seat. She turned to him, and with all his friends watching, said "I know you like me." Then she turned and exited the bus. (She has great timing, don't you think?)
This poor boy didn't ride the bus for two weeks after that, LOL. He was still at school, he just didn't take the bus (wonder what he told his parents that had to drive him instead, lol). Finally, one day at school he walked over to her and said, "You're right, I do like you" and rushed down the hallway.
Well, he has admitted his crush, but she still thinks of him as a bully and her arch enemy, lol. And I love my daughter to pieces, she totally cracks me up.
I hope you all have a wonderful valentines day and holiday weekend!
And I have just a few pages to share. Click on the titles for credits/journaling.

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20Birds said...

that story is too precious... i might scrap it j/k... i know what you mean about nothing is sacred when it comes to scrapping... my teenager had to write her "Credo" for a class... i begged her to let me scrap it... (she relented and said yes)