Monday, June 23, 2008


My three year old is a wild and crazy little girl. She rolls around in the dirt, eats dog food and climbs everything. She is a ball of energy and a breath of fresh air at the same time (when she doesn't have dog food breath that is, lol). One minute she's giving hugs and kisses and then the next she's saying, " Huhhh! Fine!" just proving once again she has attitude. And I love every bit and piece of her sweet little personality.

Here are a few Rachel pages. 3 T and Oops feature products by Sausan Designs and Sometimes features the fab puddle jumper kit which is a must have in your scrapping collection by Emily Powers and Kasia Designs. Click their titles for full credits and journaling.

Hope you are all having as much fun this summer as we are! Which of course means I am still in slow-mo this summer when it comes to scrapping, but the kids are only young once!

Have a great week!

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