Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TV season is back!

When I began digi scrapping I severely cut the hours of television that I used to watch. And then one by one, a few of the shows that I left on my list ended their run on television.

So this season I decided to DVR all the new shows that sound interesting. My plan is to watch them and then choose, maybe two, which ones I will watch each week.

Gossip Girl

The first show I watched was called Gossip Girl (Wednesday 9pm on CW). It's about a bunch of rich kinds in New York, by the creator of the O.C.... so just from that information you can probably guess it's content.

I think it could definitely be entertaining - but considering it's a show about teenagers I was surprised that is was so adult in much of the content. Yes, I'm living with my head in the sand, lol, but I wouldn't want my young teenager to watch this show. But it'll probably be an entertaining soap opera for some. It is up against the new Grey's spin off Private Practice and against the new and updated Bionic Woman. I haven't seen either yet, but I have a feeling that I will be more likely to watch one of those shows. So, I guess this one is a pass.


The next show I watched is called Chuck (Monday 8pm, NBC). The premise here is that a nerd computer repair man receives an e-mail from his old college roommate who, unbeknownst to him, is a CIA agent. When Chuck opens the e-mail he basically becomes the keeper of government secrets regarding counter terrorism, espionage and national security which are now all in his brain on a subconscious level.

I loved this sh0w. If you liked Alias, it has the same kind of action and secret spy stuff. The episode was full of wit, charm and I was completely surprised by how many times I laughed out loud. I am so looking forward to the next episode... I am pretty sure that I found a new replacement show in Chuck.

If you didn't see it, they are showing an encore presentation on Saturday night.

And yes, I am excited that Grey's Anatomy is back this week as well as CSI (Vegas). But, I am also looking forward to watching Dexter on Sunday night. It is the premier of season two, and the first season was fantastic.


If you are unfamiliar with Dexter... it is another serial crime show, but this one has a major twist. Dexter is a blood splatter specialist in Miami, working for the police department. The twist is that he is also a serial killer... but he only kills the bad guys. Love this show!


On to scrapping?

Let's start wtih pages I created using Little Dreamer's new collaborative kit called Back to Reality. It's a cool kit my friends!

Scarcasm credits/journaling here.

Monsters Inc. credits/journaling here.

And a few pages for Rachel, who by the way has finally decided she's really ready to potty train! Woopee!

Autumn Splendor credits here.
My girl Credits here.

And a few pages for Elizabeth.

Fun Times credits/journaling here.

Wild Day credits/journaling here.

Okay, I hope you all have a wonderful day and are enjoying season premiere week a much as me! :)

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Victoria said...

These layouts are such fun!

We live near Stone Mountain in Georgia, so our reception is pretty much non-existent. We are also to cheap to get cable or satellite. We check out movies at the library, or watch Friday night shows at my mom's house. We like Monk and Psych, but they are on hiatus for the season. I want to check out the new Bionic Woman and I think I can download the premiere episode. I like spy/espionage and suspense shows so the one called Chuck sounds interesting.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Carjazi - aka Diane said...

I love premier week and Tivo! I'm looking forward to checking out Dirty Sexy Money and of course Grey's. Not sure about the spin off. Still trying to find out when they're going to put Friday Night Lights back on. Great show on NBC that didn't get great ratings but good reviews.

Wonderful layouts. You've been busy.

Emma said...

The layouts are wonderful. I watched Chuck last night and really enjoyed it too. I can't wait for the next show..

Nancy Comelab said...

Oh those shows sound yummie! Probably will take a while -if ever- to air in Aussie land but then again, I don't think I would have the time to add any more shows to my already extensive repertoire! Lol.

Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pages with us again, Alissa. Awesome work!

A big hug!