Sunday, September 02, 2007

Long Time No See...

It's been so long since I blogged. I was terribly sick with strep throat, then my kids both caught it, then my youngest had an allergic reaction to the medicine. Then we were all better, but I just wasn't feeling the least bit like sitting at my computer for blogging, or too much scrapping either for that matter. How weird is that? LOL.

But I am starting to feel normal again. I even scrapped three pages yesterday, so now I'll have pages for the gallery this week.

Can you believe summer is over? I had such grand plans for this summer regarding artwork. I was going to get really messy and do some c0llages... it didn't happen. I think what kept me from actually doing it, is every time I thought about it I just didn't want to get all the stuff out and then have to put it away again, LOL. See, I am perfect for digital scrapbooking! But at the same time I am a little disappointed that I didn't do it.

I think I will eventually get around to it though because I am so inspired every time I pick up Sommerset Studios. I love that magazine more than any scrapbooking magazine around. Everything in it inspires me.

I am easily side tracked here, lol, I was talking about end of summer... oh yes, school starts on Wednesday! My oldest begins second grade, I can't believe it. I remember second grade clearly. My teacher was Mrs. Pepper at Manzanita Elementary in Phoenix. And she made me write sentences every time I got in trouble. And my crush was Steven P., he was so cute, LOL.

So, of course the fact that I can remember so many details about second grade, and all my years after, makes me hope that this year will be a really special year for my daughter. The first year that she really begins to remember everything.

Okay, let me get to scrapbooking. I have lots old pages to share with you... well, old from the last few weeks that I haven't been blogging, LOL. So bear with me here...

Here are a couple of fun pages using Nancy Comelab clusters. And oh my gosh, you guys are gonna love what she has coming up for you this week. A new collaborative kit with a bunch of talented ladies, and this is one cool kit. I am so excited about using this one :) As I write this I am downloading it, but I have already seen pages created by some of the other CT girls, and they are awesome. I feel so funny saying awesome, lol, like I totally belong in the 80's. :) Well, anyway, keep your eyes open for it... probably by the time I get this posted it will be old news, lol.

T-Rex credits and journaling.
Fingerpaint credits.

I love this kit by Tracy Monette. The link to the kit is with my credits here.

Here are a few pages using Sausan Designs collaboration kits. The first two is from the collab with Trish Jones, which really turned out cool, I think. Then the third is from her collab with Scrapbook-Graphics.

Let me also tell you that you should keep your ears and eyes open for some big news coming from Sylvie (Sausan Designs). And that's all I'm going to say. :) (And no, the big news isn't her birthday sale... but that's news too, lol)

Big girl credits/journaling.
Pedicure credits/journaling.
Splash Pad credits.

And next up we have...

Chirpy Days a collab with Jackie Eckles (Little Dreamer) and Jomi (ScrapArtist). This is my dd on Easter, she's so cute :) Credits here.

Then Splendid Nature is a gorgeous kit that you have probably all seen by Lori Barnhurst at Little Dreamer. Credits here.

Okay, you all have a wonderful day!


mimsmom said...

So glad you're feeling normal again! Strep throat really sucks! Great pages-as always!

Yen said...

I was wondering where you were too! I'm glad you are back and fine now. I know the feeling of that. I usually get that during summer.

Awesome pages as always!!!

Have a great Holiday!

Rose said...

WOW! Your recent LOs are Fabulous!!!