Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Ok I couldn't help naming this post fire for two reasons. First, I have a layout called 'fire power' of my littlest miss walking around with some. And second because I have a layout of my youngest brother, the redhead in the family. When he was a teenager all the girls kept giving him the silliest names, LOL. Names like 'red hot' and 'fire god' and you can only imagine how much we liked to tease him about these nicknames, LOL. And I'm certain you can imagine how much he hated us teasing him about it too!

Well first is this layout that I have been dying to post all week. I just LOVE it. And it cracks me up too! It uses the awesome new Kaleidoscope kit by Sausan Designs at Scrapbook Graphics. Let me just say one more time that I really love how this one turned out, lol. Credits here.

This page cracks me up too, because it's about how my little brother dressed my littlest miss during his last visit. LOL, it was the cutest thing. He is married but doesn't have any kids yet and Rachel just took to him immediately and only wanted him, lol. Funny how kids do that.

So this is Uncle Kevin (credits and journaling here) and it uses Gina Miller's new kit called 'For Joann' as well as her new negative clusters, love them, and one of my favorite curled frames by Nancy Comelab.

Well the weather has been great the last two days so we have been outdoors until late each night... putting the kids to bed and then sitting on the patio enjoying a fire. But now it's raining and will probably do so tomorrow too.

Do you know what happens to Easter eggs when they are damp? All the colors runs off, lol. So that should make for some colorful photos tomorrow, lol.

Happy Easter everybody!

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