Sunday, August 13, 2006


Self Portrait; Elizabeth, age 6.


“I was suddenly overcome with laughter as I watched the photos download onto the computer from my camera. There, right on the computer screen was proof that I didnt always know where my camera was or who was shooting photos with it.

Apparently, you had taken my camera into the bathroom with you to experiment with photography. And the result was this series of hysterical photos.

Elizabeth, I will treasure these first self-portraits that you have taken, and hope that I find more over the years.”

Negative strips, staples and negative alpha from the ‘don’t be so negative’ mini by Tracey Gilbert Monette (Clever Monkey Graphics) at PDW. Papers from Tracey’s ‘beachcomber’ kit.

Photography paper used as overlay by Kathryn Balint. Notebook paper by Kristy Ann Designs. Paint strokes from Nancie Rowe Janitz. Font is ‘shopping list’.

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