Thursday, August 10, 2006


I was playing with my new photoblast conversions and really liked how this photo looked after I converted it to black and white and then used the midnight color conversion on top of it. And of course I just love the way the sunlight is shining behind her and on her hair. Love it.

“Your inner beauty shines outward.”

Maya @ ScrapbookGraphics: All paper (including the recovering of the heart and fringe).
NRJ @ ScrapArtist: overlay.
Meredith Fenwick: paint brush.
Miss Mint: cardboard, staples, flower.
Jen Wilson: cardboard.
Michelle Coleman: hand stamped alpha.
Kristy Ann Nernnes: fringed paper template.

1 comment:

Bird's Boss said...

The photo is the natural light...just beautiful...and loving the layout to go with it!!!