Thursday, August 31, 2006

Monochromatic Challenge

I decided to participate in the Two Peas digi monochromatic challenge this week. I enjoyed it mostly because I love this story of Elizabeth on Rachel's first birthday. Too cute.

Daddy walked into your room the morning of Rachel’s first birthday. You immediately said, “Hi Dad, happy birthday Rachel! Put her on the ground and see if she can walk!’

Daddy responded with a “Good morning birthday girl and Elizabeth.”

You immediately followed up with, “Put her on the ground and see if she can walk!” And when Daddy didn’t immediately follow your directions, you once again said, “Put her on the ground, see if she can walk!” And then again, a little more excitedly, “Put her one the ground and see if she can walk!”

Daddy then put Rachel on the ground and she took one step forward before loosing her balance. Daddy praised her one little step, but your response was, “Oh.”

I guess you thought her first birthday would work like magic, giving her the ability to suddenly walk, and you were just a little disappointed when that wasn’t the way it worked. But you weren’t disappointed long; it was only two more weeks before she was a regular walker.

Papers are from Lynn Grieveson’s Island Winds kit. Schmootzy stamped title, inked corners (digital distressing kit) and overlay are by Nancie Rowe Janitz. The pressed flower is by Sausan Designs. The tape and tag are by IOD.

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