Friday, February 02, 2007

We are all healthy finally! Will it last though? LOL

Well, it has been a sick free week in my house! Yeah, I feel like one of us has been sick almost every week since November. Oh gosh, it feels good to have everybody healthy.

And then this morning my daughter tried to kill herself by falling and landing on her head. And scaring everybody, herself included.

She landed, grabbed her neck, began to cry, then became unconscious. From start to end it only lasted about 45 seconds, with her unconscious only about 10 of those seconds. But during those 10 seconds her eyes were open and she was making weird gurgling noises like she was having trouble breathing. Scary.

The doctor said basically what had happened was that with the shock of the fall and pain her blood pressure dropped severely and she fainted. But she is ok. Thank goodness.

Well anyway...

In April I am going to my first scrapbooking retreat, and the best part about it is that it will be all digital! LOL We're all bringing our computers... since I don't have a laptop, I am actually bringing my whole computer, lol. But I am looking forward to going. I will not only get to scrap all weekend long, but I will be on the beach, and I get to meet some of the people I see online all the time. How fun will that be? Totally fun!

New Fun Kit
All you scrappers know that Corina has been missing lately due to the death of her father. But she is making her way back with the debut of this new kit which is very fun.

You can pick it up here: My Funky Valentine at Funky Playground Designs

Here is my layout using this fun kit. Pictured is my sister's son and my brother's daughter. Basically, my nephew is trying to eat my niece's face, LOL.

This is Corina Nielsen's new Funky Valentine kit at Funky Playground Designs. Also used purple ric rac from Arsenal 2, staple from Arsenal, and strung heart from the I heart ribbon pack.

Additional: Curled frame from Nancy Comelab. Edged curled frame from Katie Pertiet as well as the stamped mixed alpha. Paint from Nancie Rowe Janitz. Sequins from Amy Martin. Fuzzy swirl and additional paint strokes from Meredith Fenwick.

Disc Talk Radio News
They are making changes over at Disc Talk Radio. It used to be that only one of the radio shows was free, the rest were only available with paid subscription. But that is not the case anymore! Now we can all listen to all the shows for free, how cool is that? They still have a paid membership which includes all kinds of other goodies including a cool monthly kit by one of the great designers around digi town.

Well, I'm listening right now, and I am enjoying the show!

More of my Art

Here is another layout I did recently for a challenge at Designer Digitals. The challenge was to find a photo and scrap it with just one word, the first word that comes to mind when you see it. I used the new Valentino Valentina kit by Sausan Designs, which is such a fun and eclectic kit.. I loved it. So here's my layout:


But I still need an introduction, lol. Rachel playing in the crushed gravel we bought for the patio we were building. She loved it, and you would not believe how dirty she was afterwards! The kind of dirty that requires a shower before the bath, lol.

Sausan Designs: Valentino Valentina paper pack 1. Valentino Valentina element pack.
Linda GB: Cardboard overlay. Lace (Ophelia).
Nancy Comelab: Curled frame.
Meredith Fenwick: Paint strokes.
Syrin: Loose stitches.
Ida: Flower Cut-out.
Katie Pertiet: Pinned tag. Stamped alpha.
Amy Martin: Stitched circle w/ sequin.
Natalie Braxton: Thingz on Stringz.


petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Good to hear your family is feeling better...But sounds like you little one had a nasty fall...ouch!

Like you pages here, the first one is very cute! eating her face...LOL.

Also great news about disc talk radio..I´m on my way over, thanks for letting us know:)

have a great weekend!!

Lynn Grieveson said...

That sounds very scary! Glad you are all feeling better though. Love that "dity" layout especially BTW.

Shabem said...

Oh I am glad she's ok.
Gorgeous layouts love them all.
You sure did a great job creating them. TFS!