Friday, February 16, 2007

More school clothes shopping in February!

Do your children wear out their clothes as quickly as mine do? I bought all new clothes in September, and the jeans are already all getting holes in them. Not to mention they are almost too short and too tight now.

Why do they have to grow so fast? It's so sad! I miss my baby, but I love the stage where she is now and I can't wait to see the person she'll be next. Oh, parenting is so full of weirdness. LOL.

So we went to Old Navy tonight to buy new jeans and we couldn't find anything that fit. She's between sizes right now and it's so frustrating, lol. So we bought t-shirts instead.

I guess we'll hit the mall tomorrow and see if we can find something that will be long enough without being so long she'll trip. Something that is not too tight in the waist yet not so big that it's falling off her hips. Oh, wish me luck!

New Products!!!

Have you seen the new Sing Spring kit by Sausan Designs?

Oh, I just love it. I was thinking of a few specific photos when I bought it but I ended up scrapping something completely different with it. I ended up doing a zoo page! LOL

Anyone who knows us knows that we love the zoo, that is one of our favorite places to go. So I have tons of zoo photos from throughout the years, and in this page I used one of my favorites.

Wish (Click here for full credits)

Journaling: "As a pre-schooler, you’ve already determined that the ideal location for your wedding is at the zoo. Since you plan to be a veterinarian at the zoo, you might as well get married there too! 2004."

This next layout uses several new products by Tracey Monette. I really enjoyed creating this page; doodles are totally fun to work with.

Here are a few previews of the products I used, all available at Scrapbook-Elements.

Silly (click here for full credits)

Basically, it's Elizabeth being completely silly during a road trip a few years ago. My sweet girl is full of personality!


sausan said...

Oh don't you ask me about buying clothes with kids, in our case especially DD! She seems to be between sizes everytime we go shopping for her, and she seems to grow out of her clothes overnight...LOL.. Alissa, TY for showcasing my new kit and it makes me happy to hear that you loved it! I love this zoo layout! It is pretty unusual for a zoo layout but this is what I love about your style. it rocks!!
Have a great day!

Micheline Martin said...

I can totally relate with the outgrowing clothes, OMG my son is 2 and already in a size 4 :( My daughter is also in a size 4 she's 3.I gotta go shopping for clothes soon but the only store we have here that is alright is the gap and the section is way too small that I hafta drive an hour to go to a better store ugh.Those kits look AWSOME bad for my paypal tho thanks a lot jk lol.
Hope you have a great weekend take care!

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

Hope you´ll find some fitting clothes for your girlie soon:)

Love these pages, I commented on the top one last night on DST, is lovely!! That new kit from Sausan also looks awsome...I wish my paypal worked ;)

The botoom one is also very cute and fun! Love the glitter edge!!TFS

Have a great weekend!!

Sus said...

Love that "silly" LO! So cute!

I know all about shopping and having them grow too fast! LOL My 3 year old seems to be going through major growth spurts every other week!

Edhish said...

yes kids is growing so fast.. just realized when my DD had his 2nd bday..

btw i really love your Zoo LO.. it's another my fave of yours :)

Nancy Comelab said...

Wow, Alissa! That "Silly" layout is astounding!
Ah, don't have kids, so can't relate with you there.. though I seem to grow out of my clothes quickly as well.. lol.

paula kesselring said...

I looked for the An edge of Glitter pack at the store but I didn't find it....
Do you know where I can find it ?
Thanks !!!!
Have a great weekend !
Paula -

paula kesselring said...

Hi !
I'm trying to buy the An edge of Glitter pack at the store but I can't find it....
Do you know thw right link ?
Thanks and have a nice weekend,
Paula -

Party of 5 said...

Jaaa was shopping today, Got lots of awesome bargains yeah I'm cheap, LOL
Disney Store, Gymboree, Childrens Place, Macys, Champs and D.Queen for some energy I was tired, :p that was my mall trip today, Good Luck with your stops
Don't you just love those doodles, they're absolutely Fabulous and Paula it will be up tomorrow all new products go up on Sunday.... :o