Friday, February 23, 2007

Warning: I'm emotional...

Earlier this week a man came home from work, changed his clothes and went out for a run while his wife and two young children remained at home. While on his run a car swerved to avoid an accident and instead of hitting the car, the driver killed the jogger. This hits a little closer to home than the average accident because he was the husband of a member in my MOMS Club.

What this has me thinking about is how important it is for me to not only document the childhood joys and achievements of my girls, but their relationships with each other and with their dad and me. Meaning I need to journal more and I need to include more photos of the two of us in my pages. So this is my new goal. Feel free to hold me accountable, LOL.

For further inspiration I am looking to Sarahbcmc's gallery. If you are not familiar with Sarah, she recently lost her husband to illness. She is left with two young boys; a toddler and a baby. She has been putting together an amazing gallery of layouts documenting the relationship her husband had with the boys and how much she and her husband loved each other. Her layouts are very worthy of shedding a few tears.

Ok, moving out of the blues and into...

The relationship between my own husband and oldest daughter!

My husband is a wonderful father. He knew that Elizabeth loved to play tether ball at school, she plays it during every recess. So he decided she should be able to play it at home too, and together the two of them proceeded to build a game for her to play any time she wanted.

The first page, Together, documents how they constructed the game together. Click here for journaling and credits (Together). The second page has photos of their first game. Since then they have played numerous games and I'm sure many more are just around the corner. Click here for credits (First Game).

A couple of fun things...

Sylvie Wagner (Sausan Designs) is one of the sweetest designers! She treated me to this wonderful paper pack this week called Altered Artistry: Artificial Flavor available at Scrapbook Graphics. While I was in her store I couldn't help picking up the new Kidoki element pack too, it's very cool. Can't wait to use them! Thanks again Sylvie!

And my fun news of the week is that Nancy Comelab invited me to be on her creative team, yippee! She is another one of those designers that is just beyond nice. And she is fabulously talented. I love her! And you wouldn't believe the talent on her team, amazing scrappers, all of them.

Ok! Well, I could probably think of more to say, but I've already talked your ear off. LOL Have a great weekend!


Christy said...

What a great post - I feel the same way about journaling & its importance in leaving behind our story for the future. I'm so glad you're making an effort to do this!!

Jess said...

I to have started getting serious about my journaling. There was a revelation when i looked at a page, from last year, and thought... What was that picture of.. hmmmm not a great way to preserve memories eh?