Wednesday, September 09, 2009

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school, and very exciting it was. The night before, Elizabeth couldn't sleep, as is usual for her personality. She is a worrier, and she was so excited... all I can say is I went to sleep at midnight and she was still awake in her bed. Poor girl was exhausted by the time she arrived home from school on the next day.

But she had a great day, she loves her teacher and one of the kids on our street is in her class, which is a good thing. Of course, I'm sure she wishes it was the girl on our street as opposed to the boy, lol, but oh well.

First day Photos

And waiting for the bus...

Hugs are okay, but kisses... not so much...
And Rachel had her first day of Pre-Kindergarten. Oh, she has been waiting all summer for this and has been so excited.  She did great, of course. No problem leaving mom, and no problems with mom leaving her. Although she was a bit snuggly in the afternoon, but overall she loved it.
The first day for her was 'getting acquainted and learning the rules' day.  Here is how she described it.
Mom: Rachel, what did you do today?
Rachel: We sang songs, read books and played outside. And we had cheese!
Mom: Did you learn any rules?
Rachel: Yes! No peeing and no hitting.
Yes, those are good rules, I suppose, lol.
Then she said she gave her teachers her straight face.  What's your straight face, I had to ask. So she showed me:
Yes, that's a very straight face. LOL

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