Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potty training woes

So potty training isn't so fun.

In fact last week I saw a layout in the gallery about a little boy who had declared, I don't want to ride the potty train!" LOL Well, my little angel doesn't have a problem sitting on the potty, but she does have a problem staying on it. But an even bigger problem is that she won't keep her diaper on during nap/ night time!

I can't tell you how many times I have entered her room after nap time to find a... mess. And even though it was kind of cute to go in her room to cover her up before bed and find an un-diapered child, it was only cute the first time.

I have tried putting on the diaper backwards.

I have tried pull-ups.

I have tried bodysuits with pants over them.

I think I just have to wait until the phase passes... I give up, LOL. (sigh) Hopefully it will pass quickly! And, if you have any suggestions, please share!

Well, on the scrapping front there are a few paper packs that I want to show you because they are so very cool. You may have seen them, but they are worth checking out again. Worthy investments!

Tracey Monette's Luscious Grids (gorgeous colors!!!)

Nancy Comelab's Ultimate Backgrounds, volume 2 (gorgeous textures!!!)

And a few pages to share a well, all vacation pages.

Ellis Island, credits here.
Camping Fun, credits here.
Fisher Girl, credits here.

Have a wonderful day!


Cyndy said...

I love your layouts! I especially like the one from Ellis Island. I was so disappointed to find that all of my ancestors came to America long before Ellis Island was even made. I never thought about doing a vacation layout of it. Your was great!

As to the potty training woes, my kids are 22 & 24, but I remember it vividly. It just takes a lot of patience, which I don't have an abundance of.

Decomom said...

Potty training is a nightmare - we are in the middle of it too! YUCK! Love your layouts and those papers are going on my wishlist!

Karen said...

Oh I am not looking forward to potty nephew is going through it now and it has been a nightmare! But then he spend 4 days at my parents house for a little vacation - and I don´t know how they did it but now he is w/o diaper!!
Love your LOs - you are a constant source of inspiration :)

Biancka said...

Oooh, potty training tips. I dont know how old your DD is but for us, a sticker sheet with like 10 stickers, worked a treat. Let your DD pick out the stickers in the store, create a potty training card together and everytime she does it right.....she gets a sticker. When the card is full.....she gets a gift. With my DS it ranged from little cars to dvd's (ofcourse those dvd's were on sale :)).

Oh, and praise praise praise. That works too.

Patience works too and your DD really has to be ready for it. I tried it when my DS wasnt ready and at the end of the first day I didnt have any underwear for him anymore !! haha

Good luck !



Julie said...

Oh man - potty training! Yup, wish I could offer some good advice to you but both of my kids have always been in daycare so the potty training was pretty much done for me!
Your layouts are FABULOUS, love the way you did your photo groupings!

Victoria said...

Potty training as the all to familiar saying goes..."This, too, shall pass!" Unfortunately, that other stuff is passing in the mean time! I remember getting Rachel, my oldest, "big girl panties" with Disney princesses on them. I would tell her that Cinderella really doesn't like to get peed on and she gets upset if you poop on her too! Eve is my youngest (almost 5) and she does really well, except she calls me in to wipe her hiney (too much information, maybe)...but my husband always teases her that he needs to stretch her arms so she will do it herself.

Your layouts are such fun to look at! Thanks for stopping by my wee home on the net!

michellewaite1 said...

my two year old tells me when he pees and poops in his diaper, I suppose I should start potty training him, but I do not trust him with free access to his body.
He is like the roadrunner I am am Wyl E Cayote, everytime I try to outsmart him or baby proof, he gets around whatever I do in minutes. It sounds like you have one of those too.

Nancy Comelab said...

Oh... lol... sorry to hear about the potty training troubles... no matter what though, one cannot say you did not try!

Such wonderful layouts, Alissa! I love how you used the old world map... sublime! {hugs}