Saturday, July 28, 2007

Names and Potato Heads...

There has been a massacre in our house.

It started so nice and simple and friendly... with half a dozen potato heads all dressed up on my kitchen counter. About an hour later the entire down stairs, yes I said entire down stairs were covered with body parts.

Body parts. Everywhere you looked, everywhere you stepped, body parts.

I realized something today. We have entered that stage. You know, the one where toys will cover the floor of your house in every room. You pick them all up and put them away. Then as you begin to walk out of the room, you look over your shoulder and boom! They they all are again!

Yes, my two year old has discovered how to empty the toy box. Can't pull out just one toy and play, nope. She has to pull everything out before she can begin playing.

I think with Elizabeth, this phase lasted a year. Wow, that makes me tired, LOL.

Well anyway, moving on...

Titles. I hate coming up with titles. Not just for my blog posts, which you can see are always so original, but even for my pages. In fact, my friend Tracey Monette frequently asks me for help naming her kits. And every time she does I remind her that both of my kids weren't even named until they were hours old, and I had nine months to choose a name before they arrived, LOL. And really, she should know better because she has never once used one of my suggestions over the last year, LOL.

And since she doesn't read my blog very often I can say anything I want and she'd never know (wink).

Here are a few recent pages, with ever so creative titles! LOL

How does she always know? (Credits here). Yes, you have to go read the journaling on this one, trust me, it's worth the trip!

She's a princess with attitude (credits here). I just love this photo of Elizabeth, the contrast of her flower girl dress and the denim jacket is just like her personality.

Pedicure (credits here). Actually, let me just tell This is a spectacular kit that will be coming to Scrapbook-graphics on the first of August, created by two very cool designers. But I'm not allowed to tell you who they are, you just have to head over there and see for yourself! August first!

Becoming a butterfly (credits here). Love the girly funkiness of this background by Tracey Monette. Several very cool papers in this kit, in fact, I love the whole thing!

Have a wonderful day my friends!

Oh, I almost forgot! If you haven't picked up the Nancy Comelab collab. with Two Sisters Designs (the Powers girls) then you should do so quickly. It will be disappearing from the ScrapArtist store very soon!

Which reminds me... I have to add the new Two Sisters beauty mark to my collection. Have you seen it? So cool.

Okay, bye for real now!


20Birds said...

wow what a scrapping bonanza you have for us here, so much inpsiration... and i do have that collab, need to find time to use it, lol

Kelly said...

Wow you mean she didn't figure it out until 2 to dump it??? I envy you. LOL She is totally adorable. I love your layouts as always especially the pedicure one.

Mikkel Paige said...

The kit looks awesome! Great LOs you've created.

Jo said...

What wonderful layouts! They are beautiful!

And I hear ya on the toys and kids...I have 4 of the species and some days....well let's just leave it at that. LOL

Victoria said...

You have Potato Head parts and I have Legos. I think they all hurt when you get them right on your arch!

I love the layouts and how funny that Tracey never uses your kit name ideas.

SteinyGirl said...

We've got Polly parts and LPS at our house! Never a dull moment. I found your blog through you DST gallery and I've got to tell you, your stuff is gorgeous! I've totally fallen in love with your style. You've also been a big encouragement for me at LDD. You are a sweet inspiration!

Mybetrside said...

This is Tracey...
I scanned your blog today oh evil one!!!