Friday, July 13, 2007


Personality... my kids have it! And occasionally, their personality just oozes through my pages, much like the ones I have posted below. Each page is definitely a story in itself, LOL.

When Elizabeth was little my impression of her was always that she was independent, strong willed and spirited. She was then and she still is now. Then Rachel came along and she was such a good sleeper and just a happy baby all the time. Then little hints of her personality started to show through... a true little stinker if I ever saw one, LOL. Boy, she keeps me on my toes!

Okay, page one is about her puppy phase. If only I could have added the little 'bark' she does, LOL. This phase has been going on far too long as far as I am concerned though, LOL. Then the second page is a photo from last summer when she was in her rock licking stage. Yes, you heard me correctly, her rock licking stage. Fortunately, that has passed, LOL.

Puppy Phase - credits here.

Rock Candy - credits here.

Page three is Elizabeth about a year and a half ago in her new Power Ranger costume. She was so proud of it. She modeled it and even did some action photos for me, LOL. But she wouldn't smile, because she insisted that Power Rangers don't smile... but she couldn't keep the smile off her face for long because she was so thrilled with her costume.

She still loves Power Rangers, but it's kind of sad that she's starting to move on to the older kid shows. Shows like Hannah Montanna... her new favorite.
Power Rangers - credits here

Page four is from 2005 also. I just wanted to take a photo of her by the fountain, but she just couldn't keep from running through it, LOL. So I let her have fun, and she did until the cold set in.

What's funny though, is that we were there with a friend, and once Elizabeth got all wet, her friend didn't want to play with her anymore and Elizabeth got so mad at her. Those two little girls have so much fun together but they are so different. Her friend is a girly girl and Elizabeth is play hard and play outside kind of kid. But they are still great friends and I hope they will be for a long time.

Brrr - credits here

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