Wednesday, September 06, 2006

You're a Nut!

Hazel’s Nut House

They have a little house full of hazel nuts at one of our local pumpkin patches (think ball pit), and this photo is of Elizabeth posing in front of it. But, I took out the kids inside and placed a photo of Elizabeth and her Grandma talking. Journaling reads:

“Who’s a nut?
Grandma always calls you a nut, but it seems to me that the nut never falls far from the tree!”

Tracey Gilbert Monette (Clever Monkey Graphics) at PDW: brown striped paper from Fanciful Horses kit, brown cardstock and straight stitching from her Blueberry kit, and hazelnut paper also from her, but not available at this time. And the date stamp!
Jen Wilson: Zany wordy chip, leather strings.
Meredith Fenwick: paint strokes and paper bag glitter flower. Sausan Designs: pressed flower. Maya: tickets. Ztampf: circle stitching. Michele Coleman: staples. Miss Mint: cardboard. Michelle Underwood: envelope.

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