Friday, June 09, 2006

Gaines Family 1974

Gaines Family 1974

**Updated: Turns out this was 1973. Will correct the layout but not repost.**

Here is a photo from 1974, or so I am guessing. When my Mom arrives I can check the year, but I am guessing I look like a two year old. What do you think of my hair, lol. I am the blondie with the wild hair in my light green jammies.

And Audra's hair is super long. The majority of her curl must have come a little later because she has the curliest hair of anybody I know, and you just don't see too much curl in these pictures.

Love these blue and orange papers. As soon as I saw them I knew I would be scrapping some 70's pictures with them!

I used the Citrus Grove kit by Summer Simmons at SuggarGiggles for the papers and elements. The staples are from Shabby Princess. The stamped title is from the Metro Crackle Alpha and the frame is from the ‘frame it brushes’ both by Jackie Eckles at DesignerDigitals.


Audra said...

My curl came at puberty - all those hormones I guess. In fact if you remember, all of our hair kinked at puberty. Except yours of course. Which meant that pregnancy was a dice roll for me! And time will tell with the "k"ids!

Jones said...

That's when I got most of my curl too, except my hair never did get as curly as yours! E desperately wants curly hair, so I'm hoping the same goes for her.