Friday, June 02, 2006

Easter Finery

Easter Finery: The Gaines Kids

Aimee, Alissa, Audra, Curtis & Kevin. Phoenix, Arizona. 1982. (I'm not sure about the year, I will have to double check prior to printing.)

This is one of our traditional Easter photos that we took every year on Easter Sunday. Every year at Easter time our church was fund raising for missionary programs, and every year we donated the bulk of our Easter dress money towards our mission programs. But we still had nice outfits to wear, and always a hat.

Neopolitan Summer papers by Amber Clegg at The Digi Chick. Metro Alpha by Jackie Eckles recovered in N.S. paper. Inked edges from Atomic Cupcake. Swirls by Ronna Farrer (2peas).


Audra said...

and we were always squinting because dad made us face the sun. So which is better. a little shade or squinty eye pictures?

Jones said...

LOL. I love a little shade in my photos, I think it adds extra dimension